North Shore Action

Already mid-december, a bit hard to believe due to the lack of swell. Up until this last week, we have been dealing with a below average season. The Pipe Masters waiting period linked up with are first solid nw swell of the season and I must say it was one of the better ones I have ever seen. All those guys were rushing it hard and pipe was handing out some straight gems!! Speaking of contest, the Fronton event is going down and Im frothing on the intense battle for the world tittle! Jeff, Pierre and Hardballzz are all hoping for the chance to wear the belt. Frothing on the IBA’s whole live feed and just the amazing events they have been putting on this year! Even with the lack of swell Dawson, Louie, Zimbra and my self have been making the most of the small waves. I’m going to post some random shots of the crew shredding it! Alot of this is from last year but dawson and my self want to get it out if it hasnt been properly viewed by da world. i still have a entire Puerto feed to do as well so watch for dat! Im also going to throw some rookies riders profile questions that i have had for like 5 years!

dawson floating it!!

flynn doing what he do!!! photo Dawson

chambers photo dawson

revo at rockie rights photo Dawson

robb lee getting vertical photo dawson!

Zimbra getting wierd!! photo dawson

chambers sunset photo Dawson

quick little flip!! photo Dawson

zimbra locked! photo dawson

backhand action!! photo dawson

crypt pic Dawson on da lenses

more gould Dawson owning!!

rockies eye candy photo dawson

Giving Thanks

We had to make the annual trek back to the 805 for Thanksgiving to kick off the holiday season with a little turkey, stuffing, and dropknee action. But with Louie’s recent move to the North Shore, Chaney’s move to Denmark, Adam still in Chile, Willie in Indo, and Darren still holed up in NorCal, a sponger has become more and more difficult to find in these parts. Roldan answered the call though from his batcave behind the soda bar, sounding the horn for Cale and Frank and a visiting Adam Dumas. Here’s some frames from what transpired. Just a small sample of what will go down during our annual holiday hangover feature later this month between Christmas and the New Year. Also keep your eyes peeled for a full on North Shore assault in February that should be well documented here. Until then Murdock, Louie, and new contributor James Dawson will fill this space with plenty of goodies.

Roldan’s been sipping Red Dog 40’s for 2 months straight in preparation for his North Shore mission in February.

Cale beating the shit out of a section the day before departing for a month up north crab fishing. Glad we caught him.

LGF = Long Gay Floater. Brett does these super long and super gay all the time.

Baby Seal has big shoes to fill with the dwindling crew but by the looks of things is stepping up.

Brett saved a life this day avoiding a near rock avalanche fatality.

Du Mas Mich getting it done backside. We will be taking you up on that acai bowl offer at Liquid Du Mas Mich.

Brett came in an hour late to work for this session. He still has his job though so that’s ok.

Wish we could film KILLMORE more cuz he does stuff like this all the time.

Camel decided to film this session after eating too many fucking pancakes at breakfast. At least Brett made it worthwhile.

We stole this baby seal from Pismo one day and taught him how to boogieboard. Some people call him Frank.

If you ever see Brett, ask him how he got the nickname Stinky Pinky. It was certainly not due to lippers like this.