Gravy Butt

You can always count on a solid roll call response when the horn is sounded on Thanksgiving in the 805. With jobs, babies, and various big kid responsibilities slowly encroaching, the added holidays allow extra water time windows for the 805 crew. This year proved to be yet another good showing with some clean fall conditions and a decent swell greeting the local boogs. Here is a look into some of the media coverage that went down.

A slice of Fall clarity.

Roldan toobs to revos were pretty standard this day.

Wonka high and tight.

Louie checking his pit stank.

BGA ducking a Red Dog freight train.

Cale diggin’ deep into his prone vault.

Chanus is back in Shell Beach these days and loving life.

WOD honors went to Wonka on Thanksgiving with a nice clean toob to this winged float.

Roldy keeping cool in the shade.

BGA deep on the sandbarrrr.

A visiting Adam Dumas took full advantage of the crypt conditions.

Brett likes kissing lips like this.

Baby Seal paddled right up to Willie and started barking at him violently after this it was really weird.

Cale not really thankful for closeouts.

Brett and Naga rehashing a fun session in the shorebreak.

Willie sneaking one from the crowd.

Louie let out a long low howl after exiting this green bowl.

Du Mas Mich was in shock by the empty lineups after making the haul from LA.

Brett’s favorite basketball player is Troy Murphy.

Chaney chunks.

Willie perfecting the art of the LGF.

Brett got real jealous of Lou’s beard.

Frank putting it all on the rail.

Back working 60+ hours a week again, Louie takes full advantage of any session he gets.

Brett eyes on the prize.

Cale made the trek all the way down to south county to pop a couple tops.

Frank was hungry for turkey and chunky sections.

Brett loving the offshores.

Yup, another Chaney backside stomp.

Willie probably posted a dune sunset shot or two on Facebook while in this toob!

Brett warned against too many fucking pancakes on this day for good reason.

Chad was cruising down the highway when he saw about 10 dkers out at a random spot. Suffice it to say he joined in on the fun.

Willie putting the wraps on another Pismo turkey weekend.

A couple more random GoBro shots:

Cale melting away.

Chaney providing some Pismo stuffing.

Heath paddled out on a Wavestorm and told everybody to get the fuck outta the water.

Chad Whitaker early morning lipper.

The one that got away. Adam and an errant ASA.

Whitaker’s stache makes this shot that much better.

Hawaii Relapse Part II – The Frames

Roldan backdooring like he was back at the Cronulla hostel late night by the pool table.

After 4 months in Hawaii Robles was in the shape of his life and it showed in the water.

Mark didn’t hold back even with a young’n back home.

Brett with the bodysurfing steez.

The Hawaiian waters breathed new life into Lou’s fucked up back.

“Hiiii this is Jaaaames!” (In best Savoji voice)

Red Dog backside bunny hop.

AT pulling in. Guaranteed leg leash.

Garner backfleeeeiiip.

OTW frontside stomp from Roldy.

Late hit Lou didn’t get the nickname for nothing.

Pretty sure BGA made a cameo in an obscure online Japanese magazine a few years back with this tandem.

Brett not at Pismo.

Cale hook, line, and gouger.

When the swell dies it’s Ehukai time. Mark knows this.

Wha chu up 2?

Brett wishing he had his long arm spring for this driver.

Just a small dose of Alistair’s hectic presurf routine.

2 scoops and a breakfast burrito and you could do this too kids! Cale post-Haleiwa binge session.

High and dry stall from old Red Beard.

The view from da porch. No need for purp filt.

Calf grabs all day, tai chi all night.

Snap and hold for a sec, check your watch, then pull it back around casually. Ride it to the beach, grab a Torps, stroke your beard and call it a day.

Louie calling upon the strength gained from years of tying iron.

After watching Mark miraculously make a couple toobs over the course of the week, we came up with the new verb “Wilbur” after his namesake. He definitely wilbured his way out of this tube.

Don’t think Brett didn’t stay busy filming for his Werewolves of London segment. Making Zevon fucking proud on this extendo arm.

One of dozens of solid bside hacks for Cale.

An average day on the North Shore like this would be epic by Central Coast standards!

Bikram yoga has been helping Roldan a LOT.

Cale taking the plunge at Sunset Point.

Spacey surveying.

This ain’t Mentone, its the Kam highway and Louie’s in the driver’s seat.

Pretty good LGF.

Very good LGF.

Besides Louie, nobody was in the water as much as Mark.

Few boogs know this particular end section as well as James.

Killmore laying it down for the Los Osos crew.

Garner just rotating and going yeaaaahhhhaaaahhhdeeeddah.

Lipper straight to head chef duties in Pupukea heights. Busy schedule for Roldy.

Murdock backkkfleeeiiiiiiiiip.

This happened to be Louie’s last session of the season and it was one to remember. One day we’ll drop a podcast for the guy highlighting this session.

Footstomps, headrubs, and lip caresses.

Ehukai lot lurks.

After a week of dealing with the Ratpack, Louie finds time to release.

Miller doesn’t hold back on trips. He dropped an easy $500 at Costco the first day to help feed the entire Ratpack.

Fueled by Shephard’s Pie.

Fueled by pork chops and apple sauce.

Louie cherishing the last clear water he’ll see for a while.

Whodat guy? He one mean forky driva eh?

Cale was immediately casted for Iron Chef following this backside slice and dice.

Brett checking his pits.

Even with a 105 degree fever Josh was still splitting his legs like he was on the pommel horse.

Roldan in Comboland. One of the best clips of the trip.

Mark stretching one out like old times!

Louie just blasting out a mouthful of sunflower seeds on this turn.

Graduate Latin Night soda bar or this? Brett chose wisely.

This dude must work out!

Plenty of 187s prepared Brett Raymond Roldan for this.

Who woulda thunk Branch Mill would’ve adapted so well to the North Shore?

Don’t think for one second this session wasn’t preceded by a chiggen and whiskey happy hour for Cale.

Lead with your stinky pinky and follow through with your body.

Grover City Kid laying it down.

After mandatory sightseeing and longboarding duties with the lady, Cale would come running up the beach to get a few cracks in like this before sunset.

Brett whitewater basher.

Moore just thinking about all the fish he has to slay to get back to paradise.

Louie took in Webber, Miller, and Roldan at his casa up in Pupukea. The late night shifts with the so-called Ratpack didn’t affect his daytime backhand.

Iiiiiiiiiiimmmmmm sleeping here tonight.

This shot would be way cooler if Louie was wearing a cape.

Cale put the Willie wings in his luggage and let em fly for this bside hit.

Roldan seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

Murdock has been battling numerous shoulder and knee problems the past couple years but is still on point in the water.

Thanks to the Dawson influence, Louie was a regular down at Stonezone doing turns like this.

Hawaii Relapse Part I – The People

We figured we’d give you a rundown of some of the people that made our Hawaii adventure such a memorable one back in late February. Part II will soon follow with a big steamy pile of framegrabs.

Feed him a couple sour belts and a few mixed alcoholic beverages and Sweet Tooth will provide all the late night entertainment you could ask for. He made up our evening dice game, Dollars and Nugs, on the fly. He also came up with Salesman Steve, a sleazy used car salesman who became his late night alter ego. Throw in his bodysurfing shark fin skills, his Single Dads Alone Together club status, and his freakish beard, and Webber fit in quite nicely. As the only non-bodyboarder on the trip, he gave us a fresh perspective on our ridiculous little sport.

Despite battling a nasty bug for the duration of our stay, the Rambling Man was still amped for various projects, often stamping his approval with a stoney, drawn out “yeaaaaaa” that quickly became our signature motto for the trip. This little hippy dude is guru and a half on a boog and his artistic abilities aint lacking either. Most of all though, his late night food creations were really what blew us all away.

Spacey was back in full North Shore lurk mode with his well manicured beard and aviators. He picked up right where he left off a few winters prior, finding himself at home in the laidback lifestyle of the North Shore. We could really see Red Dog living here full time some day if he could only find a female breadwinner (much like the one he spent the night with on a horse ranch in Australia). He paid rent through manic house cleans and head chef duties. And between his daily chores he showed he could still hang with the big kids on the knee with a couple memorable sessions out front.

The ringleader. The dictator. Murdock’s North Shore compound was Ground Zero for the Pismo 2012 campaign and he was influential in getting everyone to make it over. Now with several years under his belt Murdock strays away from the usual haunts during peak season, and revealed to us a couple more underground gems in the vicinity. He also started us all on a strict training regimen of Sierras, moles, and yoga between hourly porch checks. His dedication to that routine is why his surfing hasn’t skipped a beat in the local lineups.

Killmore was the only one with his better half in tow, so sightings were understandably sporadic but solid when they came. Whether its chicken and whiskey happy hours at Sunset Point or double scoops of ice cream & breakfast burrito combos in Haleiwa, Cale was soaking up all the North Shore lifestyle he could. He slid right into the cruisey lifestyle quite well and left his mark with several backside detonations and a solid go at sizable Sunset Point.

Somewhere between the Gaussian Blur and the Lens Flare lives the Purps filter, and that’s exactly where Dawson spends the majority of his time. His mixed caps lock inspirational Facebook posts, incessant hiphop youtube links, and astrological Photoshop renders pay homage to this lifestyle. And he lives it to the T. One day during the trip he rolled in to Taco Bell in Town with two bucks in change and rolled out with three bean burritos and two sets of digits from an employee. That’s what’s up!

Louie had moved over for the winter season several months prior and the proof was in the pudding. Sobriety, a healthy diet, and surfing everyday in quality waves had done wonders to the Grover City kid. He definitely raised the bar a level or two over the winter and kept the entire Pismo crew amped for early wakeups and constant spot checks. Unfortunately his funds had dried up prematurely to stake it out even longer but he’ll be back next winter on a mission…again.

Fried. That’s all you can say about the Lizard. He was holed up in a tent down the road at Pig City with Nick Omygod, occasionally making his way down to Murdock’s Sunset abode to harness the Pismo energy and find a few tobacco and food scraps. He took a lot of babysitting but had good support by the end with a bic’d dome that drew plenty of Uncle Fester comparisons.

Save his last night Waiks trip, this was a surprisingly mellow Hawaii mission for Mr Miller. There was a little of the usual – plenty of booze, a fucked up sunburn from day 1, and a few mandatory doses of late night philosophy. But without the allure of the big city life, the North Shore proved to be a safe haven for Mark and let him focus on waveriding. The Hawaiian waters breathed new life into his psyche and brought glimpses of his youthful talent. This stint was his first real vacation in years and you could tell by the permanent grin on his face.

90 minutes on the Rock

We stayed away from the usual haunts for the most part this winter on the North Shore, but the action below shows what can come of filming the usual herd trying to get their 5 seconds of fame at a popular righthander. This is what transpired in 90 minutes of filming:

Odds & Ends

Its old news by now but in case you missed it, here’s Red Dawg gettin’ his Vimeo on with his bad self. With a tidy 4 days of filming on the North Shore, we ended up capturing some cool clips whilst not drinking Torps, playin’ dice, or goin rounds in Murdock’s kitchen. Brett met us halfway on the song after we refused his shocking Kris Kristofferson initial request.

We’ll post more framegrabs later from this trip and another video of Louie’s NS campaign is in the works. Until then here’s a few images that have been collecting dust in our inbox.

From Killmore: When not busy fishing, Cale has taken time out of his busy schedule to test Central Coast waters in his new boat, scoring this righthand point that’s suited quite perfectly for his dk steez.

From BGA: Adam Terpening sent us a couple tidbits via his biofueled iPad after a large late season NW bomber. Miller turned back the clock during this swell, keeping the momentum flowing on the heels of his Hawaii campaign. Here’s Miller, Louie, and empty in order.

From Willie: Poor Willie’s got a penchant for losing cams to the Pacific, but before his latest purchase was sacrificed, he fired of a few rounds and sent us a few of the sampled goods until the next camera is purchased. Here’s Flamer, Adam, Naga, Adam, and Willie in order:

Also check out our Facebook page where Murdock’s been logging in straight from his NS loft to give you the latest fried goods.