Pipe Goes Boom; Hubb Goes Back to Back

Day 3 of the Pipe comp went down today wrapping up the Open Men’s portion of the comp in dramatic fashion. Big ups to Jeff Hubbard for taking his second title in as many years and fourth Pipe victory overall! On the heels of some of the best conditions we’ve seen at the sport’s most celebrated annual event yesterday, Day 3 came damn near close to topping it. And from an action standpoint it was arguably better as the bar has obviously been raised for the 2012 tour in terms of talent. It seems as though no competitor is safe these days with local trialists to veteran pros to young upstarts all breathing down the necks of the top 24 to even the playing field.

This year the participants came in record number as the sport continues to flourish and grow worldwide. From Morocco to Canada to Japan to South Africa the competitors came far and came hungry. A record number of participants forced a Pre-Trials event at Sandy’s on the opposite side of the island where riders slugged it out in very different conditions a few days prior to get a chance at the best venue on the planet. Unfortunately for Pismo, both Louie and James went down early and the local Hawaiians shined. Roldolf advanced through the dk trials though, and remains as the lone Central Cali wolf, waiving the red bearded Pismo flag that is attached to his face into tomorrow’s final day of competition. The women’s and dk heats will wrap up tomorrow and Brett will likely surf sometime late Saturday morning to afternoonish. Stay tuned here and here for the latest updates on heat times. Although the waves will continue to decline for the final day of competition, the conditions should still be epic with mid-size swell and clean winds. Here’s some links to feed you until tomorrow’s final day of action:

All up to date heat results are loaded here

Follow (if you can) tomorrow’s live feed here

Day 2 Highlights. Simply amazing:

Day 1 Highlights:

Trials Day 2 Highlights

Trials Day 1 Highlights

Holiday Hangover

Meanwhile on the mainland, we spent a week on the CC to capture some more media around the Christmas season. We couldn’t quite live up to HH features past (I, II, III, IV), but we scrounged up enough media to throw up this update after a few steep midsize swells with decent conditions hit the 805. Unfortunately, the crew continues to wane up in the 805 with Lou now a fixture on the Rock, but luckily Adam was back in town post-Chile, Willie was frothing as usual, and Roldy was doing heavy reps prepping for his North Shore stay next month. Throw in a visit from Chanus and Delmore from their new respective homes, and DK Wars was on!

Roldy speedblur LGF

Willie dedicated this one to Pinky

Evening green room

Chunky barrels like this one by Delmore are tough to score on the Parker scale

Don’t worry about this LGF

Willie sneaking behind the curtain

It took a pair of sturdy Graduate hands to overcome Chanus’ left breast

Brett filming for his other side project snapsandhoods.com

Wonka wing flap

Hitler saluting all the way to the beach

Skinny Bear served up a couple shitty wedges

Willie lippered to warm jug combo’d this one

Brett was doing extra filming for his new beardcam segment

Kenji was doing some pretty sick whip-ins on the inside bowl

Whitewater bashing

Darren floated this one all the way to his dentist appointment

Brett getting his reps in for the North Shore

The mystery man in this barrel will be revealed in an upcoming edit

Heinous’ new breasts came in handy for this turn

Brett forklifting

Hellmore’s extensive training at Fort Bragg has been paying off

Hard to pull an FG with so much speed and whitewater everywhere but this was the best clip of the trip

Darren gearing up for Prone Wars

Fueled by porkchops and applesauce

Classic Darren full rail turn

It was starting to get dark but this shot still came through

Brett pulling in behind the curtain like he was back at the Cronulla hostel

Giving Thanks

We had to make the annual trek back to the 805 for Thanksgiving to kick off the holiday season with a little turkey, stuffing, and dropknee action. But with Louie’s recent move to the North Shore, Chaney’s move to Denmark, Adam still in Chile, Willie in Indo, and Darren still holed up in NorCal, a sponger has become more and more difficult to find in these parts. Roldan answered the call though from his batcave behind the soda bar, sounding the horn for Cale and Frank and a visiting Adam Dumas. Here’s some frames from what transpired. Just a small sample of what will go down during our annual holiday hangover feature later this month between Christmas and the New Year. Also keep your eyes peeled for a full on North Shore assault in February that should be well documented here. Until then Murdock, Louie, and new contributor James Dawson will fill this space with plenty of goodies.

Roldan’s been sipping Red Dog 40′s for 2 months straight in preparation for his North Shore mission in February.

Cale beating the shit out of a section the day before departing for a month up north crab fishing. Glad we caught him.

LGF = Long Gay Floater. Brett does these super long and super gay all the time.

Baby Seal has big shoes to fill with the dwindling crew but by the looks of things is stepping up.

Brett saved a life this day avoiding a near rock avalanche fatality.

Du Mas Mich getting it done backside. We will be taking you up on that acai bowl offer at Liquid Du Mas Mich.

Brett came in an hour late to work for this session. He still has his job though so that’s ok.

Wish we could film KILLMORE more cuz he does stuff like this all the time.

Camel decided to film this session after eating too many fucking pancakes at breakfast. At least Brett made it worthwhile.

We stole this baby seal from Pismo one day and taught him how to boogieboard. Some people call him Frank.

If you ever see Brett, ask him how he got the nickname Stinky Pinky. It was certainly not due to lippers like this.

Early Season Roundup

Last week’s Encanto Pro set the table for a grand finale in the Canaries. After the dust settles at Fronton next month the new 2011 champ will be unveiled. Will Hubbard get title number 3 on the heels of wins at Pipe and Puerto? Will PLC get his virgin title at 21 along with a modeling contract? Will Hardy squeeze out the impossible and cement his legendary status? All things will be decided on Spanish soil, where expectations are high for a thrilling finish at one of the best bodyboarding waves on the planet. And what a historic tour its been so far, the last comp at Puerto Rico never letting up on the drama, right on down to PLC’s last second double flip heroics over Dubb. Where the ASP has been more concerned with exposure at larger markets and its image with recent drug implications of late, the IBA has made the bodyboarding community proud by simply promoting the sport in high performance waves. Its an exciting time to be a bodyboarder. Encanto Pro media:

Final Day Highlights (check their entire YouTube Channel for more goods)

Photo Gallery
Current Ratings

Back along the Central Coast, Louie is getting ready to make the move over to the North Shore this week to join Murdock in the tropics indefinitely. Expect plenty of media as they join forces with the local Rocky Point sponge crew. Check Dawson’s first early season edit here. Check back here for all the latest and greatest happenings from this crew. Meanwhile, Cale sent us this little sequence in preparation for the coming winter along the Central Coast.

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Around the World

James Murdock – Oaxaca
Murdock made his annual sojourn deep in Mexico last month, this time conveniently coinciding with the IBA Zicatela Pro. Over the years James has become at home in the land of Pedro, Espuma Loca, mezcal, and some of the best beachbreak waves in the world. James finished equal 5th overall in the trials, which guaranteed him a spot in the main event with the top competitive riders in the world. An historic contest followed, with Jeff Hubbard taking the win after James bowed out in Round 3 of the main event.

This year James teamed up with fellow North Shore transplant James Dawson. Tons of media was collected between the two with a full writeup coming soon to this site. In the meantime here’s a few pieces that have been leaked on the net since the comp. From the looks of it plenty of ETs were terrorized with pterodactyl late night buzz on reincarnations, a Tom Selleck stache, and full jungle building demos amidst other drunken carnage.

More: 2010 story, pics, and video

Cale Moore – Central Coast
Cale checking in with a couple shots from the Central Coast: “It’s been an extremely dismal summer for waves up this way. Every swell has coincided perfectly with bad winds. Definitely looking forward to fall.”

More: Cale Interview, Killmore Chronicles

Willie Richerson – Bali
Willie just got back from his 3 week retreat to Bali, scoring plenty of swell while meandering in the South Pacific. From his last few days: “At Desert Point saw some of the best waves of my life. Seriously. Got a few scraps, hard with fifty people out and forty that rip….. enjoying myself and taking it all in. Taking this incredible Bali energy straight back home!”

More: Camel in Indo

Adam Terpening – Chile
Adam’s still down in Chile but now living the sober life on an Andes vegetable farm as his adventure has taken an interesting turn:

“The experience is going great but has taken a whole new direction…I dropped studying (formally) at the University of La Serena in June because of the student strike that has been happening for the last 3 months. The strike is still going strong and the cultural contrast between university systems and students has been a big eye opener.

However, thanks to some amazing serendipity I found a job on an organic/permaculture farm in the Valle de Elqui. I’m currently living here with the owners and more people are planning to travel here to work and help expand the vision they have for this land.

The owners, John and Veronica, are awesome people and are very at one with nature. The place is nestled in a canyon with fresh spring water. I work 5-6 days a week doing various things. I’m learning tons about organic gardening and permaculture. It has opened my eyes up to amazing things leaving me looking at the world in a whole new way (again). Also, on this farm it’s prohibited to smoke or drink, so sobriety and vegetarianism are in the mix as well.

I’ve been lucky to find some waves on the weekends while visiting friends in La Serena. I’m a bit of shocker to the country folk here. Being a blond haired gringo carrying a boogie board on a dirt road at 6000 ft. in the Andes will leave a few of the locals a bit dumbfounded, hahah.

I hope to send more photos soon. I have a visa until the end of February of 2012 but we’ll see how things keep going here on the farm.”

Last Minute Update from Adam:
“Recently returned from a trip to the Atacama. Scored sick waves, found some cool culture and left some flesh on the reef in trade for 5 stitches as a souvenir. Full story and more photos to come.”

Pismo Groms – Colima
Sandy Sphincter and a couple other Pismo groms recently visited mainland Mex. Plenty of beer was consumed and plenty of pictures of the elusive Brown Kid were snapped when not getting tubed.

More: 2009 frames, story, and vid