Guest: Terpening

Name: Adam John Terpening
Age: 19
Current Residence: Sucka Free City
Years Shooting: 4 or so
Equipment: Canon 40d, 70-200mm, 28-70mm, Fisheye
Favorite Place to Shoot: Anything really – beach, city, woods & when cream firsts hits coffee.
Inspirations: Ansel Adams, Burkard, Jonesy, traveling
Website: RookiesUSA


It’s never a bad thing when a spot was almost named Skateparks.

The GG doing its impression of Gothem City.

Probably one of the most stylish up and coming Cali dropkneers, Jeff Chaney has been pullin’ in to south side rights even before the Baby Killer.

Undisclosed California wedge.

OB hits every end of the spectrum, from 3 foot slop to 15 foot feathering a-frames. This day happened to be News Years Eve, offshore all day with some tasty inside bars.

Sloated, watch out for the tigers.

Fucking Roldy.

This day was pretty small, but somehow Murdock got The One without his trunks and a slicked back mullet.

If you’ve ever been to Pismo, you know that the wave blows but somehow the only 3 good days of the year come on the holidays, Christmas day ’07.

Yeah it’s cliche to end shit with a sunset but after scrapping a few dumpers, Mother Nature decided to finish off 2007 with a bang.

Spain 2008: Terpening

By Adam Terpening

I’m not quite exactly sure what lured me to Spain, but my little knowledge of its mysto waves, beautiful women and Spanish language was enough for me to embark on my first trip to the Kingdom of Spain. From reading up on the country before leaving, I knew I was going to get a helping of some of the world’s most delicious ham, wine and coffee along with experiencing some of the Spanish quality of life. Arriving in the state of Asturias brought me to mountain engulfed villages, small town atmosphere and remarkable coastal cities. Meeting with some locals allowed me to sample Sidra, Northern Spain’s most renowned fermented beverage. Finishing off a little more than 2 dozen bottles between the locals and myself, led to one Spanish night that I barely remember but will never forget. With just one week spent over there, I encountered more culture than ever expected, saw waves with tons potential and never felt so close to home from so far away. With all this, I’ll definitely be making the move to the K of S some time this fall for school.