Still Hungover…

Another holiday, another hangover. Its an old Pismo adage that applied itself again in 2013. With kids, marriages, and general family obligations starting to dominate as the crew gets a year older, carving out time to get together with the local sponge crew is becoming more of a daunting task – especially this time of year. But with everyone back in town for the holiday and the waves typically above par in the mid-winter season, its also usually the best time of year to have an excuse to get together. Here is the first round of media from this year’s hangover.

Adam finding shade in the midday glare.

Armpit sniff LGF for Roldan.

Cale like a knife through Cayucos-churned butter.

Darren was giving out free showers all session long.

Willie’s actually proning inside this one preparing for what turned out to be a glorious jammer exit.

Somebody’s pissed they ate too many fucking pancakes on this day.

Chaney bellystyle steez a long way from Orcutt.

Buttery nipple.

Louie putting the seal on this little envelope.

Adam laced up

Red Dog slicing into the backlight.

Cale laying one down in front of Suicide Joe.

When Delmore heard rumors that WonTon was in route, he donned his homemade dkwars jersey and went to work.

Willie’s half-thumb went erect when this bird walked by. It was really weird.

No Willie you are not a snowy plover.

Adam scored WOTD honors on this freight train.

Brett was getting guru with three dimensional spinners and layback barrels on this day.

Willie setting up for the inside sandbarrrr.

Miller has real bad luck with gear. He lost his board two waves into this session before having to contend with this chocolatey surprise.

Louie kissing northern lips.

Nick straight off the lengthy drive from San Diego into this.

Roldy and Chaney battling it out between sets.

It’s hard to get all the elements nailed for a session in the 805. Even this day wasn’t perfect, but amidst all the work, Adam indulged in some frothy goodness.

Three weeks prior Hellmore was already spiking his tomato intake to avoid prostate blowouts on hacks like this.

You let Adam tend the camera and this is what happens.

L to the G to the F.

Suicide Joe living up to his name.

Roldan looking all pretty for the camera.

Aleutian flavored ice cream? Adam scooping it all up.

Killmore eying his exit.

Wonka mid-rotation revo whip.

Adam was on the fence whether to come into work on this day. We think he made the right choice.

Some of these heavy freight trains were makeable.

Willie doesn’t need redbull, he’s got wings all the time! Zing!

Robles shoulder blowout.

Mucus poured out of Brett’s nose plugs during this exhilarating ride to shore.

Innocent little beachbreak waves are happy that Louie has to go back to work soon.

Round and green. Two words that can you make you cringe or grin depending on the circumstances. Adam grinning ear to ear.

The last day of the hangover had epic conditions but micro surf. Brett still found some room to play with.

We felt bad missing out documenting a couple quality Cale sessions. He still delivered on this day.

Grovercitykid loving his holiday hangover.

Darren moving water.

Willie setting one up across the reef.

Louie sampling the green goods that abound in these parts.

South of the Border

Can’t believe its already been 3 months since this trip went down! Murdock and Louie were in for the long haul, with sprinklings of Frank, Willie, and Nick mixed in during their one month long campaign in Mainland Mex. With warm water barrels, cold caguamas, and bomb cheap eats in abundance, the land of red, white, and green is a no brainer really. As per usual, there was plenty of new lingo implemented (“It’s pretty good!”), new faces added to the crew (Wedo), and plenty memories made: Frank turned 23 in epic fashion, Louie morphed into Teen Wolf, Murdock nearly moved to Colima, and Willie got a bad bad case of bloated belly. And of course the waves were fun too. From stormy to clean, 4 foot to 12 foot, there was plenty of hours logged in this energetic region of the Pacific. Here is just a small visual sampling of what we got over the course of our stay. Video edit to come. Can’t wait to head back again soon!

The summer months are the rainy season down in this part of Mexico, making for some amazing day-enders.

Frank unleashing some Chastity frustration.

Louie getting Jonesy in the shorey behind the lens.

Murdock shaking off the previous nights hotel beach party debauchery.

Our bubble butt neighbor definitely had our attention.

Baby seal taking the top right off.

Coming back to Cali was tough.

It ain’t iron but battling the current is still a tough day for DSESB. I mean, just look at that face.

Nick’s first morning straight off the plane and into this.

Bigger then it looks.

Murdock taking a quick break while perusing the scene in town.

Frank taking advantage of a rare evening cleanup.

Another night another lightning storm.

Murdock punching one through the lip.

Teen Wolf on homemade fish taco garnishing duty.

Willie probably had a little Gremlin boner when he shot this.

Rare proof that baby seals do exist in Mexico.

The kings of street tacos.

Werewolves of London Mexico.

We took Wedo in with open arms. He’d do anything for a caguama and was an expert middleman.

Louie wore a full suit and cut his hair for this session out front.

Frank lining up yet another out front.

Feeling lucky? We stuck out like sore thumbs at this little Mexican casino.

Teen Wolf putting his beard into it.

Some impromptu midday entertainment while legendary old timer Calamako looks on.

Once you locked in on the rights, the wave did all the work.

We can’t wait for Louie to cut his beard like this.

A lonely righthander paying tribute to yet another spectacular sunset.

Murdock just thinking about his next caguama.

Frank in a regular foots dream.

It was hard to sleep with Louie howling all through the night. You can’t blame him for being excited for mornings like this.

Local fisherman getting the goods.

Murdock still found plenty of shade in the tropical heat.

This thing is about to turn inside out.

Willie battled severe bloated belly for several days but still found some slices of heaven.

Nick inversion at Wonka’s left.

Murdock, small day fun.

Refueling for a second morning session.

Teen Wolf setting up for the inside sandbar.

Familiares. A Mexico must.

Murdock finding space to play with.

If you could battle the current, there was plenty reward.

Frank not thinking about Chastity.

Tropical fireballs.

Mex bound

¡Hola! Louie and Frank ventured south to Mainland Mex last week and have already sampled some goods. Murdock, Willie, and Nick will follow shortly after over the course of this coming week. We will have a full recap upon return but keep an eye on our Facebook page for some real time updates and other random pictures from past and present.

We have also updated our Vimeo page with a few new vids shown below and have a couple new edits in the works so stay tuned!

Around the Horn

We’ve left you hanging since the holidays. Lets give you a recap of what’s gone down since then starting with a freshly strange edit from Cheinous followed by some links:

Hellmore reproduced
Wonka grew his hair out and learned yoga
James Patrick Murdock got Pipe and got a haircut
Chaney edited
Cale rode a boat
Camel surfed OB
BGA made boxes
GoPro saved competitive bodyboarding
Louie broke his earhole and took Brett pictures
RIP Chuy!
Andre made a comeback
Barnes made a comeback
Tanner became the future
Boxy Does Dallas
Sacha does Waimea
Ewan got barrelled
Some other pros got barrelled
Houston did PEDs
Stone did HGH

This is just to hold you over as 2 new vids of our own are dropping in the next 2 weeks too we swear to it…

Gettin’ by High and Hungover

Another year has to come to pass and another hangover has descended upon the Central Coast. Dreary weather dominated our week long stay but a few breaks in the clouds gave way to a couple memorable media sessions. Here are some of the highlights. Hopefully we’ll throw up some edits on our Vimeo page soon!

Roldy setting up for the aquatic center.

Frank doing Robles things.

Brett deeper than late night Wilbur philosophy.

Werewolfin’ steez.

Super long. Superrr gay.

Chaney with his Oh face.

Hard to believe this is Pismo.

RB’s at Pismo with the werewolf.

Footstomps, facerubs, and lip hits.

Liftoff in 3…2…1

Baby seal knocking one off the top.

Butt cam angles all day.

Kenji bringing the energy.

Brett kissing Pismo’s dirty lips.

Camel vs. Red Beard

There’s a lot of female boogieboarders out there wondering what Brett’s beard smells like.

Willie getting his yoga practice in a little early.

What is Brett thinking right here at this moment? We’re pretty certain that he’s picturing how he’s going to edit this barrel into his Werewolves of London prone segment.

Was this barrel worth getting sick for? Only Willie knows the answer.

Brett rotating somewhere between LT’s and the pier.

St. Patrick’s day came early for Roldan in the form of green barrels and red beards.

Late hit Lou showed up a little early on this one.

High and strange? Nope. Poised and sharp.

Frank stepped it up this day with some good hits.

Definitely worth locking your keys in your car.

The werewolf putting a finishing howl on 2012.