Morning After Pill

Baby Seal blown tire.

Willie elevator drop.

Brett leaked oil down from the parking lot and straight into this tube.

Darren making the most of his baby duty window in subpar conditions.

Cale loving Black Joe’s sweeping righthanders.

Louie thinking about his Mexican lover while setting his line.

Roldy ate too many fucking pancakes on this day.

Suicide J probably hungover right here.

BGA garlic trails.

Willie had some technical moves on the belly this day.

Darren trying out a set of Wonka’s wings.

Frank tucking in bellystyle.

Killmore a long way from Cayucos.

Louie loving time back in the water after weeks in the desert.

Roldan porkchop sun glare whippy thing.

Range free cutbacks by Terpening.

Cale imitating Willie arms.

Willie releasing the frustration from the car he sunk at this spot a few seasons back.

Heath’s been repping CCFO for years.

Frank making lemonade out of some shitty Pismo lemons.

Pismo Pier visitors – bring your umbrellas.

We linked up with Cale only one mediocre day during our hangover but he still produced the goods.

Pizzy legend getting his holiday jingle on.

Brett off the top broken radiator turn.

Louie arms wide and eyeing a frothy exit.

Holy Werewolves of Roldan.

Yoga paying off for crouching Willie.

Baby seal high and dry.

Louie clearing the rebar out of his mind.

Brett being long and gay while floating.

Sensitive 805 sunsets.

Killmore straight off the boat and right into float.

Frankie whip revo at Black Joe’s.

Cale tuck and go.

Grovercitykid thinking about his long lost senorita mid turn.

broke_ass_radiatorRoldy releasing seized bolt frustrations.

The 10 Days of Hangover

Day 10
Josh Warthen is still chasing his dream on the greens but has recently got back in the water to reinvigorate his other pastime. Now in the midst of the digital age, kids may not be familiar with his classic VHS bodyboarding flick Adolescense that came out over 10 years ago. During this particular session the dude had a permanent grin on his face and we were stoked to end our hangover in good company.

Day 9
The fading swell called for a change of scenery over to the old reliable Black Joe sandbar. A sand point had formed up from the previous week and we got to surf her 3 days in a row. Cale stamped his ticket the 2nd day and was up to his usual tricks on the sweeping righthanders.

Day 8
It was tough to link up with Hellmore now with Baby #2 on the way. The midday naptime session became the only possibility on the table and after the offshores subsided we found ourselves licking our wounds at onshore, inside left Pismo. The guy still knows how to make shitty waves look good as evidenced here in our Day 8 frame.

Day 7
Roldy’s been having a tough hangover. His week has been filled with the likes of crankshaft pulleys, shot battery terminals, seized bolts, and broken radiator bands. We reckon this is what Santa would look like a week into a tough holiday hangover, facial expression and all. Hopefully Red Dog’s luck turns around before the end of our stay.

Day 6
This local baby seal has been showing up every year around the holidays and improving his game. The barrel to reverse air he threw the other day would have broke National Geographic’s web servers had we filmed it in time. Here he is pulling in deep during this holiday season.

Day 5
We filmed Pismo for a bit today but it wasn’t really happening. The wind finally switched back to its trusty NW direction making it hard to deliver. We threw it back to Thanksgiving and this coverup from the local Giraffe Kid.

Day 4
Today was one of those days where you knew somewhere else was better. Straight offshore and plenty of lingering swell still in the water we somehow settled back on Pismo. The old faithful has its moments but tonight wasn’t really one of them. A sighting from Burkard and Clay was a nice consolation. Here’s Willie with a quick little RB hit to get the blood flowing for today’s frame.

Day 3
Today called for a trip up the coast with the persistent offshore winds, extreme tides, and medium sized swell opening up some different options. Here’s one setup we passed by in route.

Day 2
24 hours and some stiff Santa Lucias allowed the ocean to groom herself from yesterdays chaos to todays feast. When we rocked up to Frankie’s barrel to revo we knew it was game on. Pretty much the area’s entire boogie crew made it out for the session to sample some wedgy peaks. Suicide Joe swung into a few right on the rocks and earned himself the daily frame with this emerald gem. Looking forward to what tomorrow brings!

Day 1
On the first day of hangover my true love gave to me….a throaty doubleup? Yup, here’s Louie rounding third and heading for home on a dredger that bounced off an old faithful pile of rocks on the first day of our annual holiday pilgrimage to Pismo. A camera flash malfunction killed most of the media from this session but this sequence was spared. Glad this worked out or else we would have had little to show for our efforts except for this really cool pic of Willie on his ebike prior to the session. Roldan might have to invest in one too after his battles with the old Toyoter today.

Hawaii Redux

Straight off the plane we drove to Ehukai Beachpark to catch the end of Day 1 of the comp. It was breaking close to shore and super backwashy but there were still a few moments.

Jacob Romero cracked this cute little revo during the comp down at Off the Wall somehow.

Player can pull this kinda shit in his sleep.

Playing tourist with the Diamond Head hike.

Unknown with a backside hack on the morning of Day 2 of the comp.

We walked over to Rockies during Day 2 and saw Flynn Novak doing his thing.

Quick little Skip toob to start off the final day.

Davis Blackwell impressed during Day 3.

Some Eastside missions went down post-comp.

Heavy Venezualan demonstrations during the contest.

Jeff Hubbard just couldn’t get the waves he needed to advance.

BP locked in during the final.

Some brazo rotating through a nice ARS.

Same Rockies session we referenced with Flynn. Unknown flying high.

Signature creg reverse from BP.

Pool time with the Berenstein Bears.

PLC had a few nice maneuvers but had a difficult time finding the higher scoring barrels.

Pick up a Da Secret Sauce six pack today.

I could watch Dubb do this all day.

Tight flip out of the bowl. Pretty sure this is Urangatang.

The buildup of sand at Pipeline created a kid haven this side of the shoreline.

Dubb stretching one out bellystyle.

Murdock doing work.

Houston setting up for the end bowl.

Skipp vert and a couple tall glasses of water.

The Dubb stretching routine is pretty next level.

Rarely does it work out that the dropknee heats get the best waves of the contest but it happened this year.

Antipala and Skip talking strategy.

Player finishing off a trademark carving reverse.

Three arses in one frame. Yes this happened.

A lot of talent in this pic: Houston, Romero, and Dubb.

Ben Player en route to victory.

Drop 1.

Drop 2.

Honolulu views.

Houston getting some reps post-comp on Day 2.

Plenty of entertainment in and out of the water.

You can cap on his style, but Uri Valadao had a couple massive flips that had the crowd completely fired up.

Sunset stackup at the Banzai.

Tanner’s early exit came with a silver lining: he had a full head of steam for the Youth Final.

Oyster BBQ grinds up in Pupukea.

Ben Player arc’d out roll.

Our last morning was big and unruly. Brian Wise was the only guy out braving the conditions.

Blackwell threaded his way through numerous toobs.

Jared looking to launch.

Pacheco’s hens.

Player has to be one of the most consistent guys in the world with flips like these almost a lock.

Massive Houston boost. If this comp was all at Backdoor, he would have taken the thing.

Standard Shark’s Cove postcard evening.

Skip earned a finals birth with this ride.

Uri Valadaoaoooa seriously inverted.

Tanner dominating the Grom division.

Reverse airs at Backdoor in a final? Player pulling all the stops.

This looks like a Houston roll but he somehow turned it into a looped out flip.

A good sendoff on our last day on the rock.

Wedge Weekend

An unknown finding one of the bigger sets to roll through on Sunday morning.

Plenty of frothy closeouts if you were keen.

Who has the right of way is always in question with the multiple takeoff zones of the Wedge.

Christian Fletcher. Fried.

This is where things go from good to worse typically.

Standing up is treacherous unless you can find the clean insiders.

Late hit Lou was in full effect. We couldn’t get him out of the water.

Worth a mindsurf or two.

It’s all about a good clean bottom turn on these warbly beasts.

When the first two people we saw when we rolled up were Savoji and Buttfuck Kurt we knew it was going to be an interesting day.

Murphy Bartling negotiating the end section.

It was big enough to move the lifeguard tower back from the beach.

Probably the best wave we saw all morning. Unknown half way through a sweet tube ride.

Five Waves, Five Wines

We spent our mini spring break up in Pismo this year. Long gone are the days when we ran amok for Pomeroy Avenue’s offical post-hibernation grand awakening, scoring underage beverages from Big Mike at Pismo Liquor and looking to make it past 2nd base with some Bako thoroughbred in the Pancho’s alley. Yup, this time around we sipped wine with Heinous Chanus at Marisol, checked in on business happenings with Miller at the 861 Groupe, and discussed farming methods with Wonka and Co. on Goofyfoot Lane. We felt compelled to hammer home even further our yuppie status in our latest feature courtesy of Tablas Creek’s Darren Delmore, pairing a few spring break waves from our trip home with some of his favorite grapejuice recommendations.

1999 Rene Rostaing Côte Rôtie
Scrapped pours of this at a Wine Berserker event in San Clemente. Meat, pepper, grilled bells and a whiff of PAB’s peeling bike tires down Pico.

2003 Burge Family Olive Hill Syrah/Grenache/Mourvédre Barossa Valley.
I have emotions tied down to this property in the southern of the Barossa, and will always consider old Rick Burge the alchemist of this land in Lyndoch. Rich but refreshing, with tar, beef and bright berry flavor.

2012 Chateau de Pibarnon Bandol Rosé
Hanus Chanus has put on a good twenty pounds courtesy of this pink, addictive grapefruit juice alternative. From the coastal rock and scrub of Bandol near the home of the Cannes Film Festival, where the new documentary “Elk Lips and Blood on the Synth: the story of Asthmatic Giant” will screen later this year.

2012 L’Ortolan Roussanne Columbia Valley.
Jesse from Fausse Piste makes wines in a dysfunctional store room in the back of his restaurant in Portland. This rich white smelled like honey and struck matches on night one, and opened wide into flowers, apples, and honeysuckle three nights afterward.

2010 Thibault Liger-Belair Bourgogne Rouge
Took this thing to Ember in Arroyo Grande, for its admirable way of giving up some fruit and acid but not stealing the stage. The winemaker is a young master taking over the reins for his old man in Burgundy, and even cash strapped, non-noble Americans like me can drink such French royalty for $26 a bottle.