A Case of Asthma in the Santa Rita Hills

For some people Monday morning marks the beginning of a daunting 9-5 work week. For others along the Central Coast it takes on a whole new meaning. After feasting on a Santa Barbara County beachbreak all morning, Darren Delmore gave a small crew of bodyboarders the full Wes Box treatment – minus a late night stop at the Rhino of course. An oversized cheeseburger and a 24 oz of Icehouse built a nice base for what was to come at Melville only a short drive later. Maybe it was the ambiance of the surrounding Santa Rita Hills, or maybe it was the 15.6% Pinot that possessed us to reveal some of our darker past secrets. From a Carlsbad TGI Friday’s encounter to a “stiff tour” of the Eberle Caves, all bases were covered during our time at Melville, which also included an exclusive Asthmatic Giant! photo shoot. Sadly, the post-perv MILF session at the local 76 station was cut short due to a siting of an old cat-loving Del’s regular.

Melville: 1 2

Delmore Seq #1: 1 2 3 4 5

Delmore Seq #2 (check Chaney mimicking the tail throwing in the foreground): 1 2 3 4

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