Sorry for the lag of news updates, we’ve had a steady mix of combo swell keeping us occupied for the past week or so. As you might have noticed the site is continuing to evolve so keep checking back for new features and updates, including an exclusive interview with the Central Coast’s own Willie Richerson. Also we are opening up the Etcetera feature to guest photographers and videographers. If you’ve got some good images to share don’t be afraid to contact us with your goods. The A-Frame interviews of Roldan and Murdock have been added to the site with some new pictures we shook down from our archives. A new etcetera of the included interview pics was also pieced together here.

The waiting period for the 2007 Human Cronulla Shark Island Challenge has officially begun and will last until July 15 so get your office pools ready now kids. Ben Gohl of NSW won the trials at Cronulla Point and the top 12 from trials were seeded into the main event. Check the official contest site for all the latest and greatest from Cronulla.

‘Tis the season to travel. Several groups have already migrated across the border for some beachbreak fun and several more from the Central Coast are on the way. Be ready for some live updates from the land of red, white, and green.

Finally, here’s a couple disposable gems we stumbled upon – from Pipe perfection to Lillyman’s Pismo excursion.