soo vooj l’artiste et shelly et cetera

After Hawaii I had heard very little from OC upstart Anthony Savoji besides his confusing stream of apparently avant-garde myspace bulletins. Through the grapevine I had learned that he had received a spread in Movement Mag, gone on a trip to Puerto (among other places), and had done an East Coast promotional tour with new sponsor BZ. But I became eager to learn more when a curious picture surfaced on the web. It appeared that since I had seen him last, young Anthony had embraced his inner Vooj – picking up a box of pastels from Andre and a wide brimmed hat along the way:

“Well . . . I’ve been on the run a lot as of late . . . stopping in a lot of places, at different times, long times and short, I guess just going along with whatever flows my way . . . oh I saw Roger Waters from Pink Floyd play the other night that was a really good experience . . . everything’s up in the air I guess . . . I guess I’ll just go on whatever path I guess I have to take . . . I don’t know where it leads . . . I know I’ll be going back somewhere soon, just got to think of where first . . .”

On the other end of the spectrum we have Josh Shelly who submitted the first guest etcetera. Hailing from Goleta, Josh is half of the dynamic duo behind SHJS Photography and is the Photo Editor for A-Frame magazine. His submission includes a dirty Frenchman, a deepthroat banana eater, and a luchador amongst some more ocean-related gems from his home turf along the Central Coast and recent travels to Mainland Mexico.