070707 Mexico Recovery Update

070707-spencer.jpgThe dust has finally settled on Mexico ’07 for me but not for the rest of Pismo. A new posse has assembled and embarked in the wake of my departure. The crew is oddly diverse, consisting of Jackson’s, Murderers, Only Children, Drunken Eskimos, Sloths, and Sphincters – I’m scared and excited for them at the same time. Hopefully we’ll get an update or two before all is said and done and lives have ended. Hopefully.

Updates have been sparse as we’ve been spreading our Central Coast base out from the borders of Tijuana all the way up to the Golden Gate. Be on the lookout for love from all areas of the coast as things continue to progress. I have also added a Mexico etcetera from my recent trip. The tail end of my stay coincided with a Movement shoot with Spencer Skipper, Matt Lackey, and Todd Glaser behind the lens. Check back on Monday for the Willie Richerson interview and some more news. Adios.