Here Comes the Hotstepper

070907-seaweed.jpgWe bring to you the Willie Richerson Interview, fresh with a spicy little edit that makes you feel like it’s 1994 all over again. Did you know that Willie grew up on a vegetable farm, benched twice his weight at the age of 12, and looks up to an 8 pound 10 ounce baby Jesus for inspiration? Me neither. Here’s a funny little anecdote from the accompanying email I received from old half-thumb himself about his interview responses:

I smoked some herbals over at Murdock’s and came home and sat down and started writing. I don’t think I would have finished without getting a bit stoney. At first I couldn’t write but then my block gave way after I remembered how to type, the Humboldt love then guided me through a brief period of personal reflection and sarcasm.

As for other news, Ben Player took home $3k at the Shark Island Competition in what looked to be epic 4-5 foot surf. He’s looking to dethrone Hubb who ended up finishing a respectable 4th and can almost pay for his flight home now. Stewart is still defying age, whipping kids half his age in all his heats and grabbing 3rd with fellow team member and SA resident Mark McCarthy finishing a surprising 2nd to round out the final. Next tour stop is scheduled for Chile in August so stay tuned.

Lastly a quick shout to the bulls parading at Lore Studio, a Rookies friendly company. A few years ago these guys were barely scrounging enough change to throw a shirt over their backs and now they’re the ones selling them for $30 a pop. Congrats.