In Flux

Got dropped a couple random emails this week from some of Pizzy’s finest. Kellen Keene, who is apart of the circus act currently touring through Mexi, sent us this little number:

Waves have been real fun, at least head high everyday. We have 6 people and 3 mullets. A couple heavy nights of boozing, and the build up of tonight’s buzz on session has been just as gruelling as the arrival of the new gay ass iphone. We have like 8 Mexican friends going, 2 Americans, Edgar, El Jefe, and ourselves. ICE (editor’s note: ICE was an all-time club in Manzanillo with $10 all-you-can drink mayhem and the hottest isolated gene pool I have ever witnessed. RIP.) got shut down due to a drug bust but we’re going somewhere similar in Colima – 10 buck cover charge and you got an open bar. The trip has been taken over by everyone trying to attempt their most extreme Jeremy Wright impersonation as disgusting and as often as possible, you can only imagine that mixed with buzz on. We’re doing a lot of filming and shooting, definitetly getting the job done there. I think our time in Colima is coming to an end and our journey towards Puerto begins tomorrow with a 25 hour bus ride.

Willie sent us his regards as well where things aren’t quite as peachy as of yet:

Briggs and I are in Jaco, got here last night after 24 hours of travel. It was a bit taxing and we are recovering. His bag was lost so we are waiting for TACA to deliver it here. He is not stressing yet, which is lucky. The surf here is a bit meager, head high and mush burger. We are roughly planning to head to San Jose tomorrow and Nicaragua on the next bus. Costa is expensive and we want to get to the land of cheap and less touristy.

childhood.jpgLastly, Mark Miller sent us a little tidbit from his youth. A young Mike Stewart throwing the shaka for a young Wilbur at an old Bud Tour Contest atop the Pismo pier. Classic. If I remember correctly, Stewbags took this event in fine fashion – Uggboots, lycra shorts, and wrap-around Oakleys included.