Camel Tracks and Wonka Snacks

wr2.jpgJust giving a shout to a couple solo missions going down on either side of the globe right now while we’re still withering away here in Cali. First off we have Willie Richerson who is now going on one month strong in Central America. He sent us his regards and we threw some of his updates and images together here. Wonka even got a little play from the local online surf photography dude at Getting hustled by bandito taxi drivers, camping amidst thunderstorms, and getting his nose stuck in obscure Nica novels – sounds like Willie’s being Willie down in the tropics. Secondly we’ve got Alex Statom in route to Indo as we speak. We’re hoping to get a few emails from Alex upon arrival. He’ll be splitting his time between G-land and Bali with that crazy Frenchman Paxcou as his knowledgeable tour guide. Looks like solid swell is on tap so I’m sure some drainers will be had.

The Arica Challenge has also gotten underway. The prelims and 1st round action is now complete but there is nothing major to report as of yet. Looks like good swell throughout the coming week so I’m sure some action will go down soon enough. Also the Pismo kids have arrived from their whirlwind Mexico tour and Murdo is busy penning a write-up to go along with some images of the trip from Adam Terpening, Kellen Keene, and Zach Nicolas. Check the home pic for a preview.