Homerun Derby

pismo_flier.jpgMurdock supplied all the dirt on Mex for us. From god-awful mudflap creations to French “gongbongs” to 24 hour barbiturate bus rides, you’re in for a treat with this mini-novel. Willie’s still frolicking in coffee country; babysitting red light district illegitimates, hunting for waves off the beaten path, and spreading the gospel of the mini-shaka to both believers and naysayers alike. Lastly, Alex sent us what may have been his final transmission from the land of Indo before a 7.5 would shake Jakarta. At least we know that the ASA will still live on.

Back on the home front we got word from Ryan Loughlin that Ralphy is still loving the single life as one of the few surviving straight male hairdressers on the face of the planet:

I happened to be in downtown SLO getting drunk when who do I run into but Raphly….somehow I end up on their party bus with Josh stripping and the bus driver’s wife doing headstands up against the stripper pole. The shot is horrible quality because it’s from my phone but you get the idea!

We just received the NF X premiere flyer with all the details on the annual Fair Oaks mayhem. A little teaser has surfaced on editor Todd Barnes’ site, quality indeed! The DVD-included tix look like a steal.

Arica is still going down as well. On first glance I mistook the finalists for a World Cup roster, but make no mistake these Euros and Latinos are willing and able, taking down all the big guns along the way. With 2 Americans not named Jeff still remaining, hopefully we can get a fellow countryman on the podium this year. Here are the remaining heats:

Quarters: Man on Man heats

Heat 1 – Ivan Hernandez x Manuel Centeno

Heat 2 – Yeray Martinez x Pierre Luis Costes

Heat 3 – Dave Hubbard x Hugo Pinheiro

Heat 4 – Paul Benco x Ben Player

Link of the Week: SCCOOS looks clean and gives you all the up-to-the-minute wave info you can muster.