Lunar Eclipse


First off, check the new trailers for The Dawn and Rookies projects. The Dawn is a feature that was split between fellow Clamdiggers Zach Nicholas and Kellen Keene. It showcases their recent adventures in Oz, Mex, Hawaii, and Cali, and is set to release in late September. Judging from the trailer and their previous work, this flick should provide a little shakeup from your usual viewing experience.

Secondly, you can live the NF premiere vicariously through our grande Decade Etcetera, equipped with a mini-review that was penned by fellow boogie video connoisseur Josh Shelly. The first half of the feature was shot at the first stop of the tour in Pismo Beach courtesy of Adam Terpening, while the second half was shot at the final California destination in the depths of good ‘ole Chula Vista. It’s one of the only coming-out parties of the year for us spongers here in Cali so it always provides a good stage to let loose and a rare opportunity to watch the sport that we all know and love on the big screen.

Lastly, Alex provided us with some shots from his Indo trip. Luckily camels have three eyelids or we could have had a real mess on our hands. Also, rumors of Pismo’s Josh Warthen on reality TV were validated this week. After producing Adolescence some years ago, he replaced his boogie with a 9 iron and won a seat on SDSU’s golf team. Now he’s breaking hearts on the Golf Channel’s Big Break. Tune in on October 3rd to watch the mythical Warthen in action.

Link of the Week: We decided to split this spot between the new releases from Chula Vista Media (Happy Days) and 5-South (The Mixtape Experiment). Both are well deserving and both show some Cali love so show some love back with the “Buy Now” button if you can.