Sleep All Day, Out All Night, I Know Where You’re Goin’

asthma.jpgDon’t fret, we’re still alive and kicking. A few swells and a couple working weeks have separated us from our last transmission. Since that time the Central has awoken to Fall and given us a little peep show of the months to come. Check Murdock’s little blog in the newest Etcetera with framegrabs from Zach Nicholas and pics from Cale Moore to be added over the next couple days as well.

Outside of Cali there’s been some late season life too. Sundaran Gillespie led a crew to Central America including Tyler Weimann, Sebastian Slovin, Phil Harnsberger, and photographer Ryan Craig. A full write-up will be featured in the next A-Frame. The word is that they scored pretty friggin’ hard and many a high five were given by Harny. Also abroad were Anthony Savoji, Mike Lepiere, Grant Streater, and Thomas Robinson down in Puerto. Between a series of solid swells and the invention of slim fit v-neck rashguards, this trip was considered an overall success as well.

A new Crysis hit stands last week too with another profile under the belt for Rizaldo. Since they failed to print the correct version we provided it here instead with a couple of choice framegrabs for your viewing pleasure.

Sadly we’ve lost one of our own to the southland in Jeff Chaney. He’s made quite a name for himself on the knee over the years and naturally fell heir to the role of local enforcer as his 6’4″ frame filled out. There are few people in the world that can prone Herlihy boards, play electronic drums, and pull white stem roses from Charlyn Marshall but yes Chaney can do it all. And did I mention he’s an All American water polo player? He’s taken his act on the road to play for Cal Lutheran but the Central Coast blood runs deep. And with mentor Darren Delmore off in the 707 redefining purple for the past few months, will this signal an end to the Asthmatic Giant! craze or will it be just a chance for their solo careers to take off? These pics that we found on the net show that they’re not going anywhere just yet.

Link of the Week: At our update rate we should probably rename this to the Link of the Fortnight but it just doesn’t sound as cool. We’re plugging Josh Warthen’s prime time premiere on the Big Break again. The player bios on this little site was the kicker for our choice: Interests include music, body boarding, fitness, skateboarding, and poetry. Tune in Tuesday on the Golf Channel at 10 pm EST to see the goods.