79-slo-20070927-b001-popularweatherm-53241-mi0001standaloneprod_affiliate76.jpgWe are sad to announce the recent layoff of forecasting guru John Lindsey from Diablo Canyon Power Plant. His Central Coast reports had become a staple to our surfing diets over the years. In a day in age when commercialized internet forecasting has taken over, John added a personable touch with his free telephone reports. From summer flat spells to big wintertime groundswells, he was on the other side of the line providing accurate and reliable information to the general public over the years. His approach was more objective in its quantitative format and he gave us better insight into how weather actually works in his explanations as compared to his corporate counterparts. John will be missed for many swells to come.

On a more upbeat note we finally cracked the vault on the pics from two days of marathon-ing along the Central Coast two weekends ago and included them in Murdock’s write-up. First things first you gotta check this Cale Moore sequence. Thanks again to Cale, Guhs, and Zach for all the eye goodies.

I thought we exhausted all the Mexico talk until next year. Not yet. Kellen, Cale, and Chad Jackson are spearheading a late season return later this month with more in tow. Talk of less crowds and better defined sandbars got the boys frothing for more. Video guy Stickballs is over there right now with photographer Ben DeCamp and some of their goodies have already flooded the net. Word is that Ventura shredder Nick Ostrovsky is gaffing his way down as well.

Willie’s finally back from Nicaragua. He’ll be handling your bags for his new job at the San Luis Obispo Airport. Don’t worry he’ll still have time for the water as evidenced here. He also had time to attend Esteem owner Randall Hamilton’s bachelor party last weekend in Avila. Yes that’s right Randall is biting the bullet and tying the knot. He’ll be doing the deed in Maui in mid-November. We may have to do a full write-up on this event as the crew scheduled for attendance continues to grow.

Lastly, Alex Statom and Adam Terpening sent us an e-postcard from San Fran. Looks like the seasons have changed and Christmas came a little early to the Golden Gate in the form of a very interesting looking wedge.

Link of the Week: October. MLB postseason. NFL regular season. NBA preseason. We’re giving this one to