Radar Love

Well John Lindsey ain’t going nowhere. Here’s an excerpt from a mass email sent from the Director of Nuclear Communications:

I am pleased to announce that John Lindsey will be joining the Nuclear Communications team as a Corporate Relations Representative effective Monday, October 15. In this role, John will support community education programs, coordinate station involvement in community events and volunteerism, and support the plant tour program. John will also continue to provide his weather forecast to the community via existing relationships with local media and directly to community members via e-mail. John clearly has been an effective representative of Diablo Canyon and PG&E in the community over the years and I look forward to leveraging John’s talents in this new role to add even greater value as we expand our community outreach efforts.

His first forecast back in the saddle looks promising as well. Swirling purple-eyed monsters are on the charts in the north Pacific for this coming week which should shake things up along the California coastline. We received a few gems chronicled by grom videographer Ryan Hoover from the past series of swells as well. If this is any indication of what’s to come we could be in for a good winter. Check San Francisco boosting, Los Osos snapping, Branch Mill lurking, and Roman Candles just plain lighting it up.

crew.jpgIn local news we got Murdock stepping up to the Hawaii plate. He’ll be moving out there at month’s end to setup shop with an ex-lifeguard doing oddjobs along the North Shore and surfing his brains out this winter. Be on guard for some updates from the Rock coming shortly. Kellen Keene has been splicing his busy schedule between shooting Chad Jackson for his standup release, Cale Moore for his boogie release, and selling baby Jesus offerings to the groms. And that’s not even counting his new Los Osos yoga informational video!?! He leaves for Mexico in 12 days and will be premiering The Dawn along with Zach Nicholas on November 23rd. Check back here in the coming weeks for more details. Sandy Sphincter made it down to SD last weekend. He’s enjoying his new lavish lifestyle as an Acutane spokesperson and got a few fun waves in down south, although he admits it has nothing on Huasna. Frankie Robles is mirroring cousin Louie’s footsteps on the dk scene in Pizzy. He was spotted getting some Baby Seal goodness on the last series of swells when not cuffed to the chowder station for his new job at PBF&C. Ruben Nunez’s comp had a little hiccup but that hasn’t stopped him from shooting. Here’s a few pics from Randall’s little bachelor BBQ get together. Ruben will be in full effect next month at Randall’s wedding on Maui. Speaking of weddings, we also found a few(!) pics from Burkfart’s wedding over the summer. This guy has been all over the world this past year shooting for various publications so look for his work in upcoming mags.

Link of the Week: Asthmatic meets the space.