We’re Really Californy

Calls were made for more Warthen and more Warthen we are giving. We might be beating a dead horse on this one but what else is going on related to boogieboards these days that isn’t wrung through the msg board in a matter of minutes? In tonight’s episode the Adolescence enigma took down the supposed top golfer on the show – Hiroshi Matsuo – in a one hole reality faceoff. Although the azn dude’s unconventional putt from the depths had me worried (and mildly humored), Warthen sunk his 5 footer with ease and scored critical points for his team of hodge-podge golfing hopefuls. Somewhere in a gritty Grover City bar (Mongos?) towels were waived, beers were cheered, and Warthen was king of the 805 for the day. Here is his intro from the first epsiode which will double as our link of the week:

P.S. – Swell on the way and accompanying updates to come.