The Hunt for Red October

33395895.jpgOctober has become synonymous with combo swells, Santa Anna winds, and wildfires for Southern California in recent years. The trend continues in 2007. Spencer Skipper, Ross McBride, Eddie Solomon, Nelz Vellocido, and Rusty Friesen led a crew of boogie heavy hitters who escaped the smoke and flames and ventured southward. What they got in return was pure Santa Anna gold. And with Flindt and McBride shooting megapixels, they were only a Kelly and Bar scuffle away from a full-on surf paparazzi firestorm.

They were not alone as we received reports of good waves running from SD to Orange County, Ventura, and all the way to the Bay Area. Up in The City Adam Terpening, Mark Miller, and Alex Statom rode the very same swell with a visiting Willie Richerson to similar results. Hope you got your share while it lasted.

Ben DeCamp was born on a salt pond in Rhode Island, fends off bikini models named Pocahontas, and is inspired by hermits. He cracked open his growing vault of photographs in our newest interview/etcetera feature.

Link of the Week: Another San Diego bodyboarder/photographer has a new site to showcase his skills behind the lens: