Happy Birthday to Us and lackofsleep805


We’re officially six months old and it just so happens to coincide with Mark Miller’s 27th birthday! With a bodyboarding career plagued by injury, difficult living situations, and a run of problems with The Man, Wilbur hasn’t gotten the watertime that he’d like in recent years. But believe me his love for the sport remains steadfast as debated in many late-night, alcohol-induced conversations. And who knows, maybe his new big time job and makeshift boogie crew in the big city will be just the anecdote for flipping the script and making a comeback to the sport he loves. Either way his unyielding loyalty toward friends and brash optimism in the most dire of situations remains something for all to admire. I’m sure he’s going XXL at 3 Inches of Blood as this is being posted.

Delmore sent us a note after having just finished up his time along the Sonoma coast. He’s not sure whether he’ll be in Oregon or Central this winter but he is definitely fiending a late night run at his favorite Orcutt hotspot. While he only surfed six times during his three month span in the 707, he did come across some nice setups and found a chance to nail down some guitar skills as evidenced in the following two clips from Wes Box’s recent birthday festivities:

“All the Soft Places to Fall”
“I’ll be Here in the Morning”

Can you say Santa Barbara Asthmatic show on the horizon?


Kellen Keene, Chad Jackson, and brothers Cale and Ryan Moore are just finishing up their Mainland mission as we speak. There has been no word from the crew thus far but chances are they’re scoring with the little late season pulses that have been swinging through of late. The Dawn project is still a go and filmer/editor Zach Nicholas forwarded me the flyer. The unveiling will be going down at Hoagies at 580 Cypress Street in Pismo Beach on Friday, November 23rd at 8 pm. Here’s a couple trailor links if you haven’t seen them yet:

Dawn Trailor #1
Dawn Trailor #2

Link of the Week: A-Frame gets a facelift.