Double Oh Eight

wedgesgalore-copy.jpgWe’re starting the new year off with a little etcetera present from Ted Slaughter. Ted’s been kept busy mixing classes at UCLA with south swells at the Wedge for the past 3 years. At only 21 years old, the kid’s got a bright future in front of him. Check his newly revised site at

Back on the homefront we’ve got a lot of people on the move with the arrival of the new year. Delmore’s moved back to his beloved lamb country to oversee things with Cruella de Del, hunt for some anonymous SLO County myspace cougs, and hammer down some fresh new Asthmatic cuts. Terpening’s off to Spain to spaid some ET’s, get his 5-o’clock shadow rubbed down by some looney photog, and check out the local school and surf scene. Pismo wall rats Frank Robles and Sandy Sphinctor are off to Hawaii with hopes of losing their virginity at Backpacker’s, dawning some semi-empty Pipe, and getting the hell out of the freezing inside left doldrums of Pismo. They’ll probably encounter The Weimann, who just left today straight off a Yogi’s Long Island Ice Tea New Year’s binge. There’s also rumors of Richerson making the move to Central America for a couple months. Surely his stay will somehow involve a rodeo, multiple Modello tall cans, and an odd caress with an underage local.

5-South is bringing back the popular Best in the West dropknee competition. Willie, Brett, and Cale will be the three headed monster repping Rookies at this sunuvabich. Will Darren, Chanus, and Whitaker be making it down for a second Pizzy team? We’re not sure, but we’ll definitely be on hand to get some coverage for this event.

A couple random links worth mentioning…
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Ventura stocking stuffers by Chris Allen
Warthen’s run ends in finals against Kontak
and finally some shots from the recent Nazare contest in Portugal here and here

Link of the Week: Pure Wizardry