dphilnugginrevo.jpgIn an age of drones, clones, and overproduced prone, we can finally breathe a breath of fresh air. With all the attention down under and across the pond of late, something got lost along the way: the Hawaiian roots of our sport. Enter Timmy Hamilton, the man behind that shroud of BOOGIE NATION mystery. What exactly did he do? He picked up a camera and started filming his friends just like any other stoked grom would do. The difference is that his friends got good, really good. These are the same friends that are now pushing Hawaii back into the limelight again with a new underground twist. Timmy was kind enough to answer a few questions and to show off some of his framegrabs from his upcoming release Boogie Nation 9 in our newest brimming Etcetera feature.

Speaking of Hawaii, The Rock is heating up with the arrival of the Pismo groms. Murdock is claiming prime conditions and solid swell on the way. He is also claiming Sandy Sphinx’s peach ‘stache. Keep checking his blog here as stories arise. Ross McBride is on his way back for Round 2 as well this coming weekend. Substituting a strict El Pollo Loco diet for plate lunches should be a stretch, but he’s obviously thinking of other things with recent NF posts like these.

The Best in the West contest is on for this Saturday! We called the troops and got the confirmation on the incoming from Brett, Willie, and Cale. I’m sure there will be plenty of open-faced sandwiches ready to be smacked in t-minus 3 days with a solid NW on the way and good conditions in the forecast. Rookies will be upping the purse with an ice cold 30 rack of Buddy Love to the winning team. Here’s Chanus’ outlook for the event:

The Pismo Rookies Crew has been assembled again and was seen training on the south side of the Pismo pier this past month. They have been on a maple syrup garlic detox that ended about 3 weeks ago and since have been on a strict regimen of 1 hr of yoga, 3 hour surf sessions, followed by a 30 min. warm-down stretch session, and 58 minute meditation, all organic meals of fresh vegetables, fruit, complex carbohydrates and only water and grape Pedialyte to drink. Brett had some especially shocking defensive tactics – his defense against the Tongan-foot-in-the-ass was flawless. They are in shape, getting shacked and throwing tail, they will win.

image.jpgBig Bird strikes again. An email from the man himself:

Well, Mini Stoker #2 is here.
Mason Patrick Stokes
Born January 3, 2008
8 lbs 2 oz
21 in
8:22 AM

Link of the Week: Contrast Mag Issue 3. Speaking of cyber dot zines, we recently got a sneak peek of the upcoming A-Frame and GUHHHHH is all we gotta say.