North Shore 2008: Pismo Groms

By James Murdock

The North Shore was about to be invaded by 100% scum! I had received word from Franky Robles, a dedicated Pismo grom and cousin of dk ripper Louie Robles, that he and a handful of groms were in route to Hawaii. The crew included no other than Sandy Sphincter, Giraffe Kid, Marky Mark and Hoover aka “Sweet Tooth”. These kids were set up with a pad in Haleiwa and a rental car. Hoover’s mother Brenda, who
would be the official chaperon of the trip, made all this possible. I was stoked to have some Pismo filth coming to assist me in my daily lurk sessions.

After some major airport altercations the groms made it safe and sound to the North Shore. They wasted no time picking me up from my house and beginning the hunt for some waves. The swell was building fast and options were limited but we managed to scrap some waves. I took them to the harbormouth in Haleiwa where we decided to paddle out at the right, which gets pretty sick from what I heard. There was quite a bit of swell in the water and guys were towing into Himalayas, which is an outer reef that breaks about a half mile out directly in front of the harbor. The inside right looked fun and nobody was out which I thought was kind of odd. As we were walking down the beach the lifeguard on duty whistled at us. I ran down to his tower to see what was up. He was stressing on us paddling out and, looking at the groms little white bodies walking down the beach, I could understand his concern. I assured him that all the groms could swim and he wouldn’t have to rescue anybody. He was cool with my reassuring words and we hit the water. There was a large channel and as soon as we hit the channel I noticed there was an intense current! I also noticed that it was like twice as big as I thought it was. I watched three of the groms get sucked into the zone and instantly lit up. They handled the beating but I immediately knew this wave was fucking gnarly. Franky managed to scrap an inside ramp before he received a solid beating. I caught a few waves and was tripping on how gnarly the current was. It seemed like the sets were getting bigger by the minute. I ended up dodging sets for a half hour and managed to catch a wave in before I drowned. All the groms were on the beach when I went in and we were all tripping out on how fucking intense the wave was. Solid fifteen foot faces with a deadly current, which sucked you into the impact zone. I was just amped that nobody drowned. It was a solid eye opener for the groms and myself about how gnarly and unpredictable the North Shore can be!

In between surfing and lurking at Rockpiles we hit up Foodland about five times a day where Sandy Sphincter took the scrapping to a whole new level. The kid was taking down tall cans in the bathroom like the world was coming to an end and that was his last opportunity to get booze! Aside from the tall can consumption there was a solid sushi/potato wedge consumption along with whatever snack was in reaching distance. By the end of the trip I thought for sure they were going to have our faces on a wanted list in the entrance of the store.

The peak days of the swell we posted up at pipe and watched the Backdoor Shootout, which seemed more like all the boys free surfing the best Pipe of the season! I swear that contest is a crock of shit and the only good thing about it was the high percentage of nasty packs that it attracted. It was shitty because Pipe was like the only wave for a few days and those fuckers horded it while we consumed Steinys on the beach and made fun of as many people as possible. I was able to scrap a couple of sessions in the evening after the contest was finished but it was a little too big for first reef to be cracking!

We only went big one night due to the fact the groms had a rental car and had to be home at a reasonable hour. That night pretty much consisted of lurking at Rockpiles for five hours, mass consumption of Steinys, Jim Beam, and a fatty blunt. We actually had some ladies that we met up with but we scared them off quickly with our foul Pismo ways. Sandy Sphincter definitely was the standout that night getting so fucked up that he was collapsing in the middle of the street at like eight o’clock! I guess later when the groms got home they lit Sandy up and gave him the standard sharpie treatment!

With the swell maxing pretty hard we decided to make a few missions to the west side of the island where the groms got to see “ice central”, which is home to about ten thousand ice heads living in colonies on the beach. There was some major potential over there but every one including myself was too scared to park our rental car in the middle of a colony and go surf with five really white kids! West side is intense and even though we didn’t surf it was quite interesting to check out the most ice-infested area of the island.

The groms’ trip was coming to an end so we took a little tour around the island checking out the hot spots like the Pali Lookout and downtown Honolulu. Brenda and myself were able to enjoy a few cocktails at the famous bar and restaurant called “Dukes” while the groms lurked around trying to get there hands on booze any possible way!

I had an epic time hanging out and showing the Pismo groms the North Shore. Being as young as they are and having an opportunity to come to the North Shore is pretty sick and I’m sure none of them will ever forget it just like Foodland will never forget them!