Frizbee’s My Middle Name

The 2008 IBA Pipeline Pro wrapped up Thursday in less than ideal conditions. After last year’s comp, this year’s ending was fairly anti-climactic with deteriorating conditions and dying swell. That didn’t stop competitors from boosting and finding the odd barrel in attempting to keep their hopes alive though. 144 international contestants toughed it out for the belt, leaving no room for error throughout the three day event. The marginal conditions victimized some big names like Stewart, Hardy, Skipper, and McBride, while also denying all of the California contingent before the final day had even begun. Standouts included Andre Botha, Dallas Singer, Ben Player, Dave Crowley, Jeff Hubbard, Erisberto Abrantes, Hugo Pinheiro, and ex-Central Coast resident Darren Halse. In the end though, the Portuguese boy band trifecta of Uri/Hugo/Paulo would scrap it out into the finale to meet up with a red hot Hubbard, who was hoping for a repeat victory at da Banzai. He would be denied by Barcellos though, who unearthed a rare barrel in the wind-blown conditions to secure the victory and narrowly edge out Hubb’s bag of tricks as evidenced in Berenstein Stallard’s video here. Uri would end up 3rd and Hugo 4th to round out the final. Check this link for all the final placings, this link for all the heat scores throughout the event, and this link from Stallard for the Round 1 through 3 highlights.

Meanwhile the downward spiral of the Pismo clan had begun with the arrival of Kellen and Roy, matching losing heats with multiple 12’ers of Steinie in the Ehukai Beach Park. By Thursday things got ugly and a Town mission for the afterparty was conceived by BOB and his fellow contest organizers. Sooo Voooj was in fine form, pouring himself drinks behind the bar with a thick SA accent, Kellen & Roy weasled their way into the club to participate in the debauchery, I was in a Jimmy Bean daze puking all over myself, Skipper was pimping blonde Ozzie chicks, Grommy was mistaken for an AF, Hubb even pounded a beer, and Murder was arrested and thrown in the slammer for the night after knocking over some sacred Hawaiian vases in the club’s lobby. Since then James has been bailed out, the waves have been small but fun, and the rain has come and gone as we wait in anticipation for another big helping of Aleutian spirals for Tuesday before signing off on Hawaii 2008. We should have a little edit up eventually but until then here are a few FG’s for your viewing pleasure:
Andre Tweaking
Boy Band Member Pulling In
Debbie Does Dallas
Hubby Likes Beer
Stained Shirt
Big Island Willie
Underground Snap
5South Getting the Goods
PLC pre-injury
The Champ
The ex-Champ
Ross Sooo Bummed
Novy Likes Spandex
Hugo Likes Helmets
DHubb Boosting
Darren Not Backing Down
Player Hating

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