First off Willie checked in from Central America a while back with the copied anecdote pasted below. Check the attached pics: 1 2 3 4

Hi Everyone!

Well Corin and I are having a great time, even though we are very sun burned today after too much time on the beach yesterday. I think it is the most either of us have ever been burned, although our faces are not, which is good. Here are some pictures of our walk across the border, the docks in Bocas, the view from our new home, and the beach we visited yesterday. The beach is only a fifteen minute walk from our place. The walk is through forested hills, we are really excited about the walk and the beautiful beach. The waves are fun, a punchy beach break.

No diarrhea yet! Thank goodness, and we went shopping and cooked our first meals together last night and this morning.

We will hopefully send you a new update and photos very soon.

Lots of love!

Corin and Willie

Secondly we have Chris Allen of checking in with our newest etcetera feature. This one’s a keeper for sure. We’ve been linking this Camarillo native’s site periodically for some time so we were stoked when he agreed to share a few choice gems from his vault. At only 19 years of age, he’s got a bright future ahead of him.

Thirdly we’ve got our friend Stephanie of Butt to Butt fame churning out some pics from her recent North Shore excursion via New York. Her trip coincided with the Pipeline competition, particularly the aforementioned Pipeline Pro afterparty. Here’s a small taste of what she captured: Post-Contest Hubb Pound, Dancefloor Moribe, Koa Vase Face, Say Uncle, Bunting and Bitzer: literal B to B, Skipp and Nelz, Brazos, Ross/Nelz/JACKSON/JJ, Benco, BLOP BLOP, Still in Complete Shock about Hubb’s Pounding Skills, Dirty Dog Darren, Ladies, awwww.

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