Life’s Just a Cocktail Party

A few local updates before we get into the links. Willie emailed us from Central America and has been hopping back and forth between Panama, Nicaragua and Costa Rica, sampling local waves and local brews (Panama’s Atlas apparently gets two half thumbs up from Willie). He’s looking to score back in Nica over the next couple weeks before heading to Pavones to lay down some serious goofyfoot tracks. Also we have Adam Terpening and Mark Miller moving back to the homeland of the Central Coast after their respective NorCal stints. They will definitely be a welcoming addition to the Pismo crew. Papa Wilbur’s last night in San Francisco coincided with our webmaster Alex Statom’s 30th bday which was good times indeed. Camel will soon be taking his middle-aged self to France this summer and will be meeting up with Theo from Spongercity. Darren Delmore will be following the same program as above but only a few weeks prior. Murdock checked in with us from Hawaii and has officially made himself a North Shore fixture with the acquisition of a car and a new job at a local steakhouse. Look for his cross-interview with Jeremy Wright in the upcoming Crysis which will undoubtedly turn out soooo goood.

I almost feel bad putting up these animations and framegrabs cuz they reaaaally don’t do PLC justice. On what some call the best day of the North Shore season, Pierre put on a performance to remember. We recorded it and threw up a mini-interview and some framegrabs and gifs for your eye candy pleasure. The site will be on hiatus for the next 3 weeks, but we’ll be sure to post some real live footage from this day for all to see along with a North Shore wrap-up to be penned by Murder.

…some quick links:
– Our friend Stephanie Dluhos shot us this link with some some boogie stuff here
Fluidzone is finally back with updates
New West Oz blog is updated quite regularly
Phil Hudson Wedge Gallery gives me a boner
Tons of 5-south updates
HI Surf Advisory got some new content
AF errr…. VU clothing
winny and marquina tackle shipsterns
Shark attack equals boogie casualty in Ballina
contrast mag 4 gots the goods
vert mag 85
new riptide 163
plastic tour
roach interview
kira interview
jay reale interview
stickman getting fiesty at wedge

Link of the Week: Pismo homie Chris Burkard’s Surfline portfolio series