Bruin Brother

Shit we actually turned a year old this month. We’ve got big plans for our sophomore season online, which should reveal a slight redesign and a growing number of regular contributors followed shortly by a few clothing items and a full length video to boot. Not to mention the 4th Annual Hurricane Classic on the horizon as well. But before all that we’ve got an update to rid our weathered hands of.

Wonka sent us a few pics. Here is a recent message from him via Panama as well:

Hi everyone,
Corin and I are in David tonight. We departed the Caribbean side of Panama today and are excited to come back over to the Pacific. Tomorrow we will head up to Punta Burica, which is right on the border with Costa Rica and camp on the beach for a couple of nights. There are some really awesome beaches and really good uncrowded surf there. We are planning on staying at a place called Mono Feliz. We will keep you posted with photos and updates whenever we can. Three weeks of traveling then home on the 21st. Can’t wait to see you all!
Much Love
Willie and Corin

It’s definitely Spring time back in Central Cali. Wilbur sent us this anecdote from John Lindsay at Diablo:

Note: The seawater temperature recorder at station 19-10 in Patton Cove along the Diablo Canyon coastline was swapped-out on Friday. The average seawater temperature for the month of April was 49.52 degrees F which was the coldest monthly average temperature for any month since temperature records have been kept at The Diablo Canyon Ocean Lab (1976). On the 22nd of April the water temperature reached a low of 47.35 degrees which was the lowest single water temperature ever recorded at station 19-10.

Last but certainly not least we have the first of (hopefully) many Asthmatic Giant! tour diaries from no other than the fruit of thy lamb himself. We’re gonna go ahead and call this series Notes from the Rock and Roll Expressway. Here’s a little excerpt from the first entry that made us giddy for more:

Chanus and I had a band huddle after a riveting cover of “Dire Wolf” that electrified a random fat cell in accountant Pat Patten’s love handle and sent him flashing back to a kaleidoscope-colored 1984 Reggae on the River trip when the mane was naturally jet black and the ladies were mulleted and topless. They carried him out on a stretcher.

guadshow.jpgThe Expressway made its second stop in Guadalupe (no joke) a few nights back at ugh THE LOFT. As an Asthmatic promotional partner, we’re ashamed for not throwing a plug for this event up on the site earlier. Worst case scenario they’d still draw in some train station transients, a hairnetted Romo’s employee or three, and a coupla drunk bikers from the Far Western. Here’s the flyer.



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Link of The Week: And you thought Google Earth was cool. Hunting down the heavies might get a little easier with Google Ocean.