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Burky writes us:

Hello all,
I’d like to invite my friends and family to my photo exhibit this summer: UNEARTH. Images documenting travels from
Dubai, Oman, Iceland, Kiribati, Indonesia, California, Canada, and Thailand. The 1st show will be held at La Perla Del Mar Chapel in Shell Beach, Starts Friday, June 5th 11AM-9:30PM and finishes Saturday, June 6th 6:30-9:30PM. The 2nd Show will be held at the Firefly Gallery in Paso Robles, CA, Opening night is the 11th of July and the show goes from the 4th to the 31st of July. Thanks for the support.

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Link of the Week: We’re not afraid to link our own shit. Our newest etcetera features the likes of 3 Los Osos brothers taking their dk circus act deep into the confines of Mainland Mex. Captions by Cale Moore.