Pismo Timezzz

We’ve got three drips of Pismo snot for your loving tissues to soak up:

– When the stars align and a series of windswells and southswells spout off, waves do actually happen in the ‘mo. BGA sent me recent springtime evidence and we threw it together for you in a special Pismo scrapping version of etcetera. Photos and captions by Zach Nicholas who was using Adam’s camera setup.

– You can run from her but you can’t hide. Even Los Osos’ Cale Moore succumbs to the pier’s calling on occasion as evidenced by this sweet reverse sequence shot by Adam Terpening.

– Fish grease hasn’t ruined his most channeled sense. Red Dog can still sniff out a good day from the PFC stronghold with the best of ’em. The double shift Pismo session sandwhich has been done many a time and will surely be done again. With nothing but an Icehouse tallcan and a 187 kids burger, here’s Roldan painting it Red. Sequence by Pizzy’s own Van Robinson.

A shocker occurred last Saturday at the Wedge for Alternative Surf owner Ron Ziebell. His wife wrote shortly after the accident:

I am Ron’s wife, Claudia. Thanks to everyone for your prayers and thoughts. Especially thanks to Chad Barba. Ron told me that he saved his life by getting him out of the water today and for that we will always be indebted to him. Ron will be in surgery for the next 3 hours. He will need more surgery again in the next few days. He broke his back badly and I ask you to please pray for his recovery. He wanted me to let everyone know that EXPO is still on Sunday and he would feel extremely grateful if all that can, show up. He wants all to celebrate the sport that he so much loves and have fun at EXPO. PEZ will be videotaping so we can play the video for Ron at the hospital. Ron worked really hard to put this together for all of you bodyboarders and their families, so please show him that you care.

Since that time he has reportedly been doing much better. His surgery was successful and he has feeling back in both legs. Check the profile on the legendary Seal Beach sponger inside A-Frame Issue 4.

Already scheduled for last weekend despite Ron’s misfortune was the Alternative Surf EXPO. This is a time for all the industry to come together in one beautiful Dana Point parking lot to show off their latest and greatest product to the general public and spit their best game in hopes of swooping on some of the more naive attendees. With Ron’s injury the support was especially solid this year with people driving all the way from Central Cali to Imperial Beach. We were there to capture some of the action and tucked it away in another etcetera feature.

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Link of the Week: Another sponger killing it in the photography world. Matt Clark switching the serious gears with a refreshingly comedic anti-introspective approach to his Surfline Portfolio Series.