garden of aiden

adamt writes us from his new coordinates in Spain:

After a bunch of traveling, arrived in Oviedo yesterday morning. Had the longest friday ever, but got everything dialed, school settled, checked out some places and scored a room. Later that night, took down some cheap wine and free pizza and passed out for like 12 hours. The room is with an older lady and another kid from Oregon, haven’t met him yet though, only 230 euros a month for the place. Swell coming later this week, gunna hit the beach in Salinas, train goes right there. Let me know when you guys have the new rookies site up, would like to get a lil page going. Scored a sick boogie mag over here BodyBoard surfer rule, not sure about the name but all shots are of guys from spain and the canarys.
All is going well over here,

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