bloodclot boogers

We promise we’ll get to the Mark Miller wedding media hoopla eventually. Until then we got some more housekeeping to get to and some swells to surf. After a dismal summer now set in the books, things are turning around for the better with some solid combo action these past couple weeks. Over on the rock, Murdock has been taking care of business. A phone call from James tonight revealed the heavily anticipated arrival of fellow CCer Chad Jacksughn. With a nasty little photog sidekick and more Aleutian eruptions on tap, look for more coverage of these two madmen in the coming weeks. Over in Euroland Adam Terpening’s been reporting some fun surf as well. Up north, Roldie’s been digging his new digs in SC with ample setups for his ghost-gone-back-to-red face. He’s come full circle back to College Kid status at Cabrillo college, claiming last week: “I turned in my last pile of greasy dimes and nickels from PFC at the local liquor store just to get me a tall can of High Livin.” A weekend visit back to Pizzy saw good times and above average surf for a large visiting crew. We even saw Louie Robles pull into a couple hepatitis toobs at the ‘mo. He’s been chasing threshers and toobs for the past month when not working. And lastly, Sweet Tooth Hoovah arrived back from his Mexico journeys and provided some quality evidence: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10.

Our friends at The Clap Theory debuted their first release some time ago and we’ve finally managed to throw up a mini-review and some pics from the Oceanside premiere as our newest etcetera. There’s a slew of media coverage on their own site as well: Huntington, Oceanside, and New York premiere pics.

And now for some links. A couple revamped photoguy sites:
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Link of the Week: Kellen Cum has been pumping out iron and websites of late. Not quite there yet but shouldn’t dissapoint.