teenagers from mars

If you haven’t noticed, Alex performed a little cyber surgery on the site for the new year ahead. We’re still working out a couple of bugs and we are in the process of adding a few more features, but have a look around for the time being. We’ve got plenty to come with blogs from Adam, Darren, and James to go along with a whole sheet of Etcetera goodies baking in the oven. Check out our first batch of empties here.

Adam arrived back on familiar soil recently just in time for some wintertime Cali action. Check what BGA tapped into last winter courtesy of JD Woosley here. Also, you’ll have to scope out Spain’s departing gift to BGA in Llanes. Speaking of Cali wintertime action, we’ve had a string of fun swells over the past month or so. Check the pics Camel sent us a while back from maxing SF here, here, and here. Look for some of the goodies the CC offered up shortly to come. Although the Isles have been in a bit of a slump since the Pipe Masters, Murder sent word of some classic early season North Shore days all documented by budding photographer Anna Riedel. Frank Robles got a taste of the action recently with a 10 day stint at Casa de 2Gloc. Things are looking up again with a rejuvenated jet stream and Roldan touching down to the North Shore in a few days time. He’ll be shacking up with James for nearly a month so look for updates and action to come.

A couple anecdotes we’ve forgotten to mention:
– Another sponger, Todd Glaser, recently won the Follow the Light memorial award (also check his blog)
Willie’s gone berserk
Dug recently made a pilgrimage (via New Mexico and a Steven Seagal photo op) to the East Coast and is now residing there
Ben Player Project looks stupid good
– New Lore Line out now

Link of the Week: Trent Mitchell Photography.