eat at joe’s

This weekends special was fresh elephant seal intestines, as a seasonal dish. Served marinated & sautéed in dominate male ichor, it’s oily, yet delicateness had even the french fine taste buds frothing, cross dressing and questioning their native tongue. The baby seal face was shocked as well, but indulging himself in cannibal like activities upon his return back from the rock, where the spam is served at room temp, or branch mill style, with a side of beneficial paddling peer pressure. The BSF’s stay at the Murdock colonial was quickly replaced by an academic redbeard on a sugar momma budget. With Señor Glock already reporting double stacked spam, Roldy’s four week stay will have him rejuvenated and capturing the goods. A giraffe kid was reaping nicotine cured tripe as well, with him and the french dusting off their erudition as classes began this week. Willie has been lurking with osos’ oldest hermano, ryan moore, collecting artifacts, droppin’ de knee and blasting full body gymnist inverts. Wilbur is holding it down solid, nursing young Aiden and feeding on PB & Crackberry sandos at Level. But a wiff of cookin’ Mirounga brought out some delinquent like speeding and sweaty bacon. But a chunk of pig is always an unpleasent appetizer(unless it’s your lard card), especially when there is seal on the grill. Gotta thank hoover for the FG’s, although he did miss the pinnacle of seal insides pillaging, bbq’d blubber and fly soup, but we can assume some sort sweet tooth festivities were the conclusion behind that…..

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