Murdock North Shore Update #1

We’re back in action ladies and gents! Please excuse the extreme lagging that’s been going on and let me assure you that the updates will be coming in mass quantities from now on! Fuck! Where do I start? 2009 is underway along with another season on the Rock! Even though the weather has been kind of weird this season, the waves have been much more consistent than the prior season. The end of October and all of November were sick! Good mid-size swells with decent conditions and minor crowds. Once December rolled around the weather started getting weird. There was a day in the second week of December that rained 13 inches! Although the weather was a bit out of control there were still waves to be had once the poop water cleaned up a bit. There was a day in between the Sunset and Pipe Triple Crown waiting period that was pretty all-time! Solid second reef pipe with a half dozen guys out. Timmy Hamilton, Murphy, Skipp, and Nelz were all on it scoring sick barrels with nobody out. I got some of my better waves of the year that day at Pipe. My chick and budding photographer Anna Riedel even got a sequence of Murphy getting this wedgy mutant wave.

I’ve been lucky enough to have some Pismo filth leak its way over to the North Shore this season. Frankie Robles lurked for a few weeks scoring all time Gas Chambers and Bick Yards. (I know the spelling is wrong on Backyards but I pronounce it “BICK yards”!) Red Dog Roldy has made his way over thanks to a roundtrip plane ticket that his chick scored him for Christmas! Unfortunately due to a dk accident back home Roldy’s been out of commission since his arrival! On a good note the 662 crew has a sick camera that they’re keen on letting Roldy use! Anthony Savoji, Rusty Friesen, Alex Leon and Andre Botha are holding it down for the 662 crew! When the waves are up, Roldy and me cruise over to the 662 house, round up the crew and check waves but usually surf somewhere no matter what! It’s amping to surf with all those guys because everyone pushes each other. On top of that Roldy’s catching all the shots from the beach and when you have video support it makes you go bigger! Roldy has already got a handful of footage in the last two weeks! Andre has some frame grabs posted on his site, which you have to check out regardless! Andre is super amped on the “Spacey” video support, along with everything else! The guy has energy like a fifteen year old and will get you psyching out in the water! Savoji and Andre are quite the characters! Good people to get weird with!!!!!

With two months left of solid winter swells the action will continue along with the anticipation for the Pipeline Pro! Oh yes I can not forget to mention that Brian Wise is back on the North Shore, sober, amped on sponging and ready to make a serious comeback!!! Statom will be arriving on the 15th of February so the North Shore coverage should be an everyday thing! Keep your eyes peeled for more updates, photos and some interviews of your favorite bodyboarders.