the Man, the Myth, the Wizard

mike2He’s long surpassed legendary status but even still did you really see this coming? Mike Stewart Mike Stewart continues to pen the history of bodyboarding with his iconic wave riding approach even at the ripe age of 46. The most recent win at Arica may have been his most impressive even after such a decorated competitive career. Just have a gander at his man-on-man opponents:

Round 7: Ben Player
Quarter Finals: Amaury Laverhne
Semi Finals: Dave Winchester
Finals: Dave Hubbard

Not a slouch group by any means and all 30 years of age and under. The win is testimony to an enduring wave knowledge that continues to outclass plain new school skill and youthful talent at the most critical tour venues. Exchanging blows with era after era of the sports’ young elite riders, you really have to credit Mike’s ability to keep up to speed with the technical progression of the sport that’s been so accelerated this past decade.

Check the full heat results of the Arica Chilean Challenge here, the daily video updates here, and the daily image galleries here. Congrats to “Tomate” Peralta and the city of Arica for putting on another successful event.

While were going gaga with Stewbags, his dominating performance at the 2009 Redwings Memorial World Championships has to be noted as well. You can find the results (and a bunch of photo and video links) here. Its been a huge summer for Mike, who also just launched the new Mike Stewart Viper fin and his own Science travel video blog to chronicle life on the tour.