The Yeast Coast Infection

Plagued and infested with tourists, morons, douche-bags and an obvious lack of swell, summer in the Mid-Atlantic isn’t an ideal place for a bodyboarder. Any hint of a wave above two feet comes with the challenge of fighting an overwhelming crowd of inland donkeys struggling to climb aboard their fun-shape surfboards or hard-slick boogieboards. It can bring tears to the eyes of a wave-starved soul, watching his home breaks humiliated in such an unappreciative manner. Having only been able to pass the summer boogie-skimming through the crowded shorebreak and dawn patrolling for sub-par wind-swell, one thought keeps an east-coaster sane: Fall…

Hurricane swells, empty lineups, and relatively warm weather and water are the perfect medication for the summertime infection that so deeply pervades the Mid-Atlantic coast. The itchy, tourist fungus gets replaced by marathon sessions in hollow, chocolate barrels. Eyes locked on tropical depressions, storms, and hurricanes keep the local watermen free of responsibilities and commitments. Bill and Danny have already graced the early season with hurricane swell, but there are many months left and lots of high hopes for more tropical activity.





Paul Loukas


The Wait is Over