bob’s biggest boy

I openly discredited the whispers of his demise with disdain in front of the others. But when alone I secretly worried that the rumors were true. Had Roldan really hit rock bottom? They said he resembled the Ghost of PFC Past while hobbling up to the Grover City Vons Coinstar on a gimp foot with his greasy off-color polo. Too many chowder breadbowls. Too many fried catfish and Sprites. Too many nights in the New Room. And too many Portuguese holidays. Somewhere along the line he went south. And fast. No sightings. No calls. No red.

When my inbox erupted recently I knew he was back. The Chanus claims on the message board only heightened my relief. The foot was healed and the phone was back up and ringing. Alas, the Werewolves segment would not end abruptly after the 2nd chorus. RB’s, LT’s, and LGF’s would be revived. Shit even girls were crying to him on his voice mail like the days of old. The Pismo balance of power had been restored.

Lucky for us the resurrected Roldy is armed with a mini digi. Check the carnage he’s documented lately while cruising with Ralphy, Chanus and company:

On one of the first swells of the fall Brett finally strapped on a 2nd fin for the first time in ages and got behind the other side of a lens where Cale Moore was waiting to capture the goods.


What could have been his last snap. The day I thought he retired 10 months prior:

Look for plenty more to come from Cale and Brett this winter.

Links of the Week:
Murdock gets his due in the newest online issue of Crysis. While on the subject of Roldan, here’s a quick little excerpt. Check page 50 of the link for James’ full interview and page 57 for his Bluntcuts ad:
How was that one big night with Dre, Savagey, and Roldan? How did Brett acquire the nickname Spacey?
The definition of weirdness! We got our hands on some mind altering items and decided to take ’em! We chilled at Dre and Savoji’s place at Rocky Point, listening to music while chiefing moles and cigarettes. Andre and Savoji were getting weird with their art and Roldy and myself were just observing. It would take twenty pages of text to explain everything that went down that night. Between Andre’s claims of going to bed every five minutes and Savoji just being Savoji, Roldy and myself were paralyzed with laughter. Savoji found these sunglasses that were on the table and Roldy started rocking them. With his nicely trimmed beard and perfect fitting golf hat, Roldy was Kevin Spacey’s double. Savoji struggled for about a minute trying to put his finger on the resemblance and finally gave the Spacey shout out. I definitely willl never forget that trip with those guys, All-Time!

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