Murdock North Shore Late Season Update

The North Shore experienced a shit late season if I’ve ever seen one! After the Pipe contest the weather got shitty for like two months with only a few scrappable days of surf in between the shocking weather. By the time the weather and winds finally cooperated most of the swells were too small for Pipe but good for the smaller nook waves like V-land and Rockies. I had a handful of good Rockies sessions in the last month but in all a truly dismal end to the season!

I’m planning on making a Mexico campaign in July and possibly scrapping the IBA Puerto contest while I’m down there. I’m hoping to round up some of the Pismo crew to lay down some representation in mainland. I wanted to head to South America for the Peru and Chile contests but couldn’t pull it off so mainland will have to do! That Arica contest looks sick every year they have it, so next year I will have to make it happen. According to the IBA director the tour would like to have ten-world tour contests with purses up to one hundred grand within the next three years. That would be huge for bodyboarding especially on an international level!

Other than that, mellow style in Hawaii. Swimming has taken over the bodyboarding routine along with shoulder rehab and NBA playoffs! Two knew blogs I saw recently that are worth scoping: Pastey’s and Damian King’s!!!! Here’s a link to the Puerto contest as well could be sick check it!!! Also I attached some random pics for your viewing pleasure!