DK Wars

We abandoned our usual Christmas running diary feature after a week plus of solid rains left us emptyhanded for most of the holiday break along the Central Coast. A lull in the weather earlier this week finally allowed us to release some of our collective frustrations from awkward Facebook photo exchanges, fruitless underage soda bar encounters, message board taunts and threats, and an overall lack of anything resembling rideable amidst sewage spills and beach access closures. An all-out dropknee takeover would ensue at the local reef, with a double session of head high offshore bowls being sandwiched about a Del’s prep cooking marathon. The first session was promising, and the matinee footage viewing even inspired old Hellmore to shine on the second batch of dinner rolls to get in on the action. DK Wars was on!

BRETT ROLDAN. Brett was was relieved from prep cook duties after offering up his face for carpeted seating to an unassuming customer.

DARREN DELMORE. His ex-fling’s Naciamento shower encounter led to long nights for Darren up in Boonville, where he longed for these kind of comforting offshore Winter days at his childhood reef.

LOUIE ROBLES. Hosting Christmas with Big Lou and old violin jaw had Louie hitting stupid sections over and over when an open face wasn’t there to be carved up.

WILLIE RICHERSON. “Get your fins outta my face.” Willie won no points with the local bros or with local dog lovers after leaving Stinky Pinky rolled up in his car the whole session.