North Shore Update 2/24/11

First off I have to give a big shout out for Hubby’s Pipe victory! The come from behind win was hectic! Hubb is a guru, the waves just come to him because he is so guru! Another shout out to Feasty for taking the DK crown. He has skills on the knee, especially in the barrel! I don’t have any contest photos but will try to get something from Dawson to post on the site. The finals wasn’t too photo worthy but would have been good for video. Super good support from Red Bull hooking up some quality live feed for the event!! The better the live feed is the more people will watch. Having Red Bull involved in our sport is big time so much mahalos for the support!!

I stayed away from the contest mainly because Rockies was pumping with minor crowd factor! Some good ramps with a few draining barrels! Mr. Daniel and myself have been putting in some major water time especially after our cheap first heat Pipe knock out! I will post a few pics of the Rocky point action. Mr. Daniel’s girlfriend hooked us up with a scrapper video camera that works pretty insane for not being top of the line! I should be throwing up some frame grabs and a little edit soon so keep checking for the video upgrade to my post! Waves have been pretty scrapper compared to January so I’m hoping for a little late-season burst soon! More updates coming soon so stay tuned to the Rookies site!!!!

Rockies reverse. photo: Riedel

Zimbra revo. photo: Riedel editted by murdock

Rockies boost. photo: Riedel

Flip at Rockies. photo: Riedel

ARS Rockies. photo: Dawson!!

Rockies revo. photo: Dawson

Da Boys handling photo and video support. photo: Riedel

The girlriend loves these pics!! photo: Riedel