North Shore Update 2/26/11

It’s time for some DK action!! Rocky’s was pretty small the other day so I got behind the camera and shot the boys. I used Dawson’s 7D with a 300. Rocky’s is sick when its small because it breaks so close to shore! All the water shots were taken by BJ, my friend who is guru massage healer guru guy!! The forecast isn’t looking amazing but there’s some good mid-size combo swell which should make for good times at Rocky point! I still have plenty of random photos that i will keep posting when there’s no waves to keep the action alive! Riders in the shots below consist of James Dawson, Jeff Chaney and Daniel Zimbra! You guys all kill it! One last shout out to B-Dubb for his engagement to Stephanie Peterson Yaaaaaa B-DUBB!!!

Chaney! photo: BJ

Chaney in da toob! photo: BJ

Chaney soo deep!! photo: BJ

Dawson floating it! photo: Murdock

Chaney snap! photo: Murdock

Chaney snap#2. photo: Murdock

Chaney snap#3. photo: Murdock

More Chaney! photo: Murdock

Zimbra handling on da knee!! photo: Murdock

Zimbra handling on da belly as well. photo: Murdock

Happy looking mighty happy with his new esposa. photo: Murdock