North Shore Update 3/24/11

The waves continue to pump. This last week has been a bit out of control as far as wind, but there has still been plenty of scraps to have! Rockies has been fun and Pipe got sick at the beginning of the week. I took the 662 setup out to Pipe and got some sick fisheye angles! I’m a bit backed up on updates so these photos are from a few weeks ago. Some from Waimea and a few more randoms. Garner’s headed out soon but has made the most out of his stay with choke photos and video footage. Much more to come!! I will get a video edit up soon I have been lagging!!

Garner carve. Photo: Dawson

Garner sexy!!!! Photo: BJ

ahhhh ya ya ya shoot shoot shoots! Robb Lee! Photo: Dawson

Empty shorey. Photo: Riedel

Another guru empty! Photo: Anna Riedel!

Froth monster!! Photo: Anna Riedel

Dubb. Photo: Anna Riedel

Jogging action. Photo: Riedel

Garner Rockies facial. Photo: Murdock

Flip me!! Art by Dug Baker

Sexy shorey. Photo: Riedel

Me getting the water view of Mr. Daniel and Dawson covering land!