North Shore Update

Late season keeps delivering!! With a new NW advisory swell on its way and Garner extending his stay the skies are the limit! The photo and video support has been solid!! My girlfriend and Dawson have been there with the stills and BJ has been handling the 7D video support! Production is inevitable! I’ve been taking the fisheye out to Pipe during this last swell and got some decent pics. I’m going to throw up some of the scrapper ones but am going to hold off on the good ones. Big mahalos to Dawson, Eddie, and BJ for letting me use their gear so I could get the crypt shots.

Robb Lee scooping at Pipe!! Photo: Murdock

SUP rushing Pipe!! Photo: Murdock

Ian on a Gums nug. Photo: Murdock

Garner going up for the boost. Photo: Murdock

Unknown on a nug. Photo: Murdock

Stewart!! Photo: Murdock

Zimbra scooping it. Photo: Murdock

Tamega on a deep one. Photo: Murdock