North Shore update 3-5-11

Garner has officially departed!! His campaign has been epic. The little West Oz freak made the most out of his stay. Frothing to surf and do projects 24/7, Garner’s energy is amazing!! The whole crew was sad to see him depart but we knew he had to go handle some business!! The waves continue to pump during late season. Mid size NW swells have been lighting up Pipe and Rockies. I’m going to throw up some random shots from this winter. Much thanks to my girlfriend for the constant photo support she is guru. Check her blog out if you have a chance, amazing photos:! Much thanks to Eddie for 7D support and boards!! That new Garner is working good!! U da man Ed!!!

Iron Mike on a weird Pipe bowl. Photo: Murdock

Kalani trademark Pipe tube. Photo: Murdock

Ian launching out of da bowl! Photo: Riedel

Stewart and Zimbra splitting the peak. Photo: Riedel

Lucas sampling an insider at Pipe. Photo: Big sister Anna Riedel!

Classic Pipe empty. Photo: Riedel

Garner getting techy! Photo: Riedel

Tamega on a cracker. Photo: Riedel

Kawai getting water support from myself and land support from Anna!! Photo: Riedel