Willie Bali Update

After spending a week out on the Bukit peninsula I am back in Legian and headed out to visit an orphanage tomorrow. Got some super fun waves over the past week, primarily riding Bingin with a couple sessions at Uluwatu and Impossibles. Bingin is a DK dream with hollow racers and a few turn sections. My first session I picked off a couple of bowlers and scrapped a decent set that lined up for a long barrel. The crowd factor ranges from intensely crowded with donkeys to intensely crowded with locals and donkeys. When the locals are not out the waves come fairly freely as the shifting currents keep the inexperienced wave rider from sitting on the peak. I got a few good shots from Made who sits at the local warung (hostel) right in front of the spot and snaps sequences of just about every wave. My second to last session there he got a solid sequence of a backdoor barrel but I couldn’t bring myself to pay for pictures of a head high barrel sequence so I have just the view to show for my efforts.

Out at Uluwatu I surfed three sessions and got one mind bending barrel. A set came through and I took off a bit late and ducked into a fun overhead coverup then pumped down the line to backdoor an inside section that spit me out just in time to exit via the infamous doggydoor. I rode that one all the way to the beach. Two photographers got a couple shots but the crappy lighting just didn’t do it justice. My last Ulu session was jelly fish central, and the mild stings left a rash that I am still itching two days later. Besides riding waves I have been spear fishing with a guy from SD with worthless home made spears, and snorkeling a bunch.

On the cultural scene I have been overwhelmed with the smiling nature of the Balinese people. They are quick to smile and lend a hand. I enjoyed a bowl of a broth based soup called bakso one afternoon while two local women made prayer offering baskets for an upcoming once every six months ceremony. The ceremony is attended by the entire family in their traditional outfits. They head out to the Uluwatu temple and sit for a twenty minute ceremony that is meant to help unite the family. Thousands of families attend from all over Bali over the two days. The temple itself is a popular tourist destination and the monkeys there are out of hand! They steal anything they can from glasses to flip flops. Then they are bribed with candy or fruit to get the stuff back if they feel like it. The fat males have the system down. I was walking with a French girl when her sandal was ripped right off her foot. The young local boy was paid 10000 rupiah ($1.25) to retrieve the sandal with a candy bar still in the wrapper. I then watched as a Japanese man tried in vein to get his expensive glasses back. No piece of candy was getting those shiny lenses, and the monkey quickly bit off the nose pieces and twisted the glasses to oblivion. The place is a single mans paradise with girls from about every corner of the globe. The warm breezes and dramatic settings make the pheromones flow freely, not to mention what a few Bintangs and shots of Arak will do to loosen up the vibe.

So I am off to visit an orphanage where I will deliver clothing and some cash for a Pismo local who helps run the place. If you would like to donate check out Give Jewelry on Facebook and help them feed the kids. From there I plan to stay a day in Caangu for some heavy beachy and a day in Ubud for some hillside rice paddy frolicking. Transport to G-land is on the 30th and if my money holds out and the swell materializes I will hopefully get some shots worth dropping some coin for. In the meantime I am relaxing next to the pool here in Legian and hoping this mild ear ache doesn’t get worse…

Selamat malan (good night) from Bali,