Early Season Roundup

Last week’s Encanto Pro set the table for a grand finale in the Canaries. After the dust settles at Fronton next month the new 2011 champ will be unveiled. Will Hubbard get title number 3 on the heels of wins at Pipe and Puerto? Will PLC get his virgin title at 21 along with a modeling contract? Will Hardy squeeze out the impossible and cement his legendary status? All things will be decided on Spanish soil, where expectations are high for a thrilling finish at one of the best bodyboarding waves on the planet. And what a historic tour its been so far, the last comp at Puerto Rico never letting up on the drama, right on down to PLC’s last second double flip heroics over Dubb. Where the ASP has been more concerned with exposure at larger markets and its image with recent drug implications of late, the IBA has made the bodyboarding community proud by simply promoting the sport in high performance waves. Its an exciting time to be a bodyboarder. Encanto Pro media:

Final Day Highlights (check their entire YouTube Channel for more goods)

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Back along the Central Coast, Louie is getting ready to make the move over to the North Shore this week to join Murdock in the tropics indefinitely. Expect plenty of media as they join forces with the local Rocky Point sponge crew. Check Dawson’s first early season edit here. Check back here for all the latest and greatest happenings from this crew. Meanwhile, Cale sent us this little sequence in preparation for the coming winter along the Central Coast.

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