Massive lag on my part for a hawaii update!!! Updates are going to be in full force now especially with the arrival of Louie! Waves have been below average for the early season but having grown up in California I really cant complain! Plenty of small to moderate swells have been keeping us busy. Dawson has been letting me take his housing out and the goods have been coming! Dawson Zimbra and my self have been switching of on the video support scoring some sick little clips which dawson has been constructing some lagit little edits. i have alot more tex and media to throw up on the blog but will keep this one short and sweet. Aloha!!

Louie enjoying his first days on the rock!!!

Quick little empty I shot

johnny c amping out even with out his boogie!

Flynn locked in his backyard!

Team work!! Dawson on da knee and me behind da lends

Trevor Kam charging shorey last season!!! Photo Riedel

Zimbradda boosting. Photo Riedel