The new year has come and the world is still handling! The new year has only brought epic conditions with solid NW swell for the beginning week of January. Pipe has started to do its thing along with many other spots! Dawson has been on the photo and video scene 25/8 producing some solid clips and photos that i will post up. The boogies have been slowly trickling in the last few weeks. Its always sick to see the transition of the surfing scene calming and the boogie scene stirring! i feel like the talent level the last few years has really been raising! Excited to see the action that goes down this season and thru out the new year. i have plenty more to write about but just want to get some pics up, another update will be coming soon with more words and info!!

Dawson will always be filming me if im going DK!

Dawson sunset special!

Louie going real fast!

The tree!!

Louie loving the north shore!

Dawson art!

jammer vert!

Amazing pic Dawson!!!!!

pipe end bowl and rad dawson edit!

DK all day!