Holiday Hangover

Meanwhile on the mainland, we spent a week on the CC to capture some more media around the Christmas season. We couldn’t quite live up to HH features past (I, II, III, IV), but we scrounged up enough media to throw up this update after a few steep midsize swells with decent conditions hit the 805. Unfortunately, the crew continues to wane up in the 805 with Lou now a fixture on the Rock, but luckily Adam was back in town post-Chile, Willie was frothing as usual, and Roldy was doing heavy reps prepping for his North Shore stay next month. Throw in a visit from Chanus and Delmore from their new respective homes, and DK Wars was on!

Roldy speedblur LGF

Willie dedicated this one to Pinky

Evening green room

Chunky barrels like this one by Delmore are tough to score on the Parker scale

Don’t worry about this LGF

Willie sneaking behind the curtain

It took a pair of sturdy Graduate hands to overcome Chanus’ left breast

Brett filming for his other side project

Wonka wing flap

Hitler saluting all the way to the beach

Skinny Bear served up a couple shitty wedges

Willie lippered to warm jug combo’d this one

Brett was doing extra filming for his new beardcam segment

Kenji was doing some pretty sick whip-ins on the inside bowl

Whitewater bashing

Darren floated this one all the way to his dentist appointment

Brett getting his reps in for the North Shore

The mystery man in this barrel will be revealed in an upcoming edit

Heinous’ new breasts came in handy for this turn

Brett forklifting

Hellmore’s extensive training at Fort Bragg has been paying off

Hard to pull an FG with so much speed and whitewater everywhere but this was the best clip of the trip

Darren gearing up for Prone Wars

Fueled by porkchops and applesauce

Classic Darren full rail turn

It was starting to get dark but this shot still came through

Brett pulling in behind the curtain like he was back at the Cronulla hostel