Wedge Weekend

An unknown finding one of the bigger sets to roll through on Sunday morning.

Plenty of frothy closeouts if you were keen.

Who has the right of way is always in question with the multiple takeoff zones of the Wedge.

Christian Fletcher. Fried.

This is where things go from good to worse typically.

Standing up is treacherous unless you can find the clean insiders.

Late hit Lou was in full effect. We couldn’t get him out of the water.

Worth a mindsurf or two.

It’s all about a good clean bottom turn on these warbly beasts.

When the first two people we saw when we rolled up were Savoji and Buttfuck Kurt we knew it was going to be an interesting day.

Murphy Bartling negotiating the end section.

It was big enough to move the lifeguard tower back from the beach.

Probably the best wave we saw all morning. Unknown half way through a sweet tube ride.